Apple Loses iPhone Prototype At A Bar. Again.

Apple Loses iPhone Prototype At A Bar. Again.

A very interesting new report at CNET claims that Apple has lost another iPhone prototype at a San Francisco tequila lounge. So far, photos have not surfaced of the prototype, and it has not appeared on eBay.

The prototype was lost in late July at Cava 22, a Mexican restaurant and bar described as a “tequila lounge”. Apple contacted the San Francisco police saying that the device was priceless, and that Apple was desperate to get it back.

No details have been made available about the device, such as its appearance or what version of iOS was running on it, and both Apple and police have failed to successfully retrieve the device.

Apple seeming tracked the device to a single family home, but a man in his twenties denied knowing anything about the device, and a search of the house (which the man voluntarily agreed to) revealed nothing.

Apple did not file an official police report about the missing phone, and so far there is no word as to whether Apple has gotten the device back. Many of you likely remember the story from last year in which Gray Powell left a prototype iPhone at a bar, which was later sold to Gizmodo.

Apple employees apparently need to stop visiting bars.