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Defeated by Apple’s iOS, HP Discontinues The TouchPad And All WebOS Devices

Defeated by Apple’s iOS, HP Discontinues The TouchPad And All WebOS Devices

Hewlett-Packard has officially been defeated as far as tablets and smartphones are concerned. In addition to spinning off their personal computer business, HP announced that they will discontinue their support of WebOS devices, specifically the TouchPad and WebOS phones.

The report comes to us from the Wall Street Journal, and also mentions that while HP will no longer support these WebOS devices, they will continue to work on the WebOS platform in order to optimize the value of the platform in the future. HP is also abandoning their PC hardware design and manufacturing efforts.

HP’s WebOS devices never really took off, and have thoroughly failed to thrive in a market dominated by Apple’s iOS devices. This news follows continued reports of HP desperately lowering the pricing on their TouchPad tablet in an effort to increase its adoption. Those efforts have apparently been unsuccessful.

While this news is unlikely to affect the tablet market significantly, due to HP’s weak position in that market, it is significant in the sense that it marks a critical time for manufacturers competing in the tablet industry, as putting up a fight against Apple and the iPad is much more difficult than it seems.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I wish they had abandoned their so called PCS before I got stuck with a vista machine only one year old now, which is dead, it had a bad hard drive they replaced with another bad hard drive, that was it then they ignored us. They never gave us the Windows 7 upgrade we were entitled to and just suggested we buy an extended warranty before ours was even up. It took me along time to save up for a new PC I’m housebound on oxygen and do not get disability so whatever we could squander after the bills and gas for my husbands drive to and from work, 80 miles each way, was left. I hate them. I used to like their printers but HP? STAY AWAY and that’s the truth unless you have money to toss out of the window or other PCs! I went with a used IMAC which is better than any Windows PC I’d ever owned and now I am staying with APPLE their customer service is wonderful and the products, I can see why Apple fans are so dedicated. If I’d only known 20 years ago. I am in love with their devices now. Not dead yet! 

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