Samsung’s Imitation Of Apple Products Is Just Too Obvious

Posted in Apple on 26/09/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler


Despite being currently engaged in a massive legal battle with Apple over patents, intellectual rights, product designs and so forth, Samsung continues to shamelessly copy Apple at every turn, and the examples of this seem to be getting increasingly common.

The above photograph, courtesy of AllThingsD’s John Paczowski, shows a Samsung story display from their Centro Sicilia store in Catania, Italy that clearly “borrows” the icon artwork for a number of different iOS apps including, and perhaps to the embarrassment of Samsung, that of Apple’s own App Store and Mobile Safari browser.

9to5Mac points out that this seemingly blatant mimicking of Apple’s designs even extends as far as the power adapters used for Samsung’s Galaxy S II smartphones, which are almost an exact replica of Apple’s USB power adapters, with less than a millimeter’s difference in measurements on any side. The above image shows the two adapters side-by-side as well as showing Samsung’s prior power adapter before they copied Apple’s design.

Sadly, these are only the latest in Samsung’s seemingly blatant theft of Apple’s designs, with the above well-known image reflecting the incredible similarities between the iPhone 3G and 3GS and Samsung’s Galaxy. Heck – even Samsung’s USB cables are a clear knock-off of Apple’s designs!

Is there anyone who still doesn’t think that Samsung is rather clearly copying Apple’s designs while feebly attempting to deny as much in court? If so, raise your hand. Yup, didn’t think so. Biased or not, I see no sensible interpretation of these images that concludes anything other than that Samsung is clearly trying to copy Apple in a number of ways, which certainly isn’t going to do them any favors in their legal struggles with Apple.

  • narrowtux

    I think you’re wrong. Samsung is making the best mobile phones of the world. Their sales data clearly shows it [citation needed|. 
    What you’re doing here is putting a few ‘shops on the site and telling us Samsung copies Apple.

  • Cferrer1983

    Whatever the case may be, Galaxy S 2 is by far, the best phone ever, next iphone will be judge based on that phone and not the iphone 4….  highlights: Super Amoled Plus screens, flawless system notification, great battery life, real multitasking, thing and weightless.

    Best Part? -> I dont have to unlock my device so I can use it every way I want to, still, If I do, im offered much more from my device than a jailbroken iphone will EVER do in life.

  • Aese


  • Ran Ding

    Every idea and design that mankind has come up with has all been designed and discovered by someone before. Maybe the descendants of Newton should sue Apple for the logo, or whoever it was that first drew circles to sue for the shape of the home button? 

    Or maybe God should sue Apple for stealing every idea he’s created? Oh wait, he already is, by giving Steve Jobs cancer. Snap. Snap. 

    • Fred567

      You need a life

      • Showerhead

        Clearly not, Fred, in all product chains there are similarities, I have a usb to wall socket adapter (cheap chinese junk) and my friend’s new phone charger is near identical, I mistake his for mine often.

    • ultimategore

      trolls will sue you fucker

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  • Deltastationery

    samsung conisider as nothing but a capycat ,,,even the charger and usb cable look like the same ,,hell why ,,,??
    go fuck ur self samsung and stop copy other stuff,,,,u r nothing 

  • fuck u samsung

    fuck samsung they are copying other work ,,,soo obvious not even from those picture ,,other shit show it clearly 


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