Apple Working To Bring Siri to the iPhone 4?

Posted in iOS, iPhone on 07/11/2011 by Chris Hauk


Electronista floats the rumor that Apple could be working on getting Siri to run on the iPhone 4. Sources claim that “Apple briefly let staff get a test build of iOS 5 with Siri on the older model that was pulled once the trial was done. The dry run supposedly went ‘really well.'”

Recent hacked installs have shown that the iPhone 4 and 4th generation iPod Touch are capable of running the voice command system, but some sources believe that Apple may not allow Siri on the 4, since it has been a huge selling point for the 4S. If Siri ran on the 4, the main advantages of the 4S would be the faster processor and better camera. Those features are just not as sexy to consumers as Siri has proven to be.

Other speculation has been that Apple limited Siri to the 4S mainly to control the load on their servers during the current “beta”. While the 4 might get the ability to run Siri, it’s thought that the iPod touch may not get the capability, as it has a smaller microphone and is not as good as the 4 at picking up commands, and that might harm the Siri experience.

“Siri, when are you coming to my old iPhone 4?”

“I’m sorry, Chris. I just don’t see that date on the calendar.”


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