iTunes Match Rolls Out Internationally

iTunes Match Rolls Out Internationally

Following a blunder last night in which Apple prematurely released (and then pulled) iTunes Match in a number of countries, Apple has now formally launched the service in the U.K., Germany, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Ireland, and other regions.

Apple has placed prominent banner links on the front page of the iTunes Store in various countries showing that customers can now officially sign up for the service, and MacRumors reports that a number of users are reporting successful signups.

iTunes Match, which has been available in the U.S. for about a month (and in Brazil for a few days), is a yearly subscription service that syncs users’ iTunes libraries with iCloud, allowing users to sync their iTunes libraries and access their music through all their Macs or iOS devices.

If your country is among those who have just gotten iTunes Match, make sure to check out our complete guide to iTunes Match, and how to use the service to do a one-time audio quality upgrade on your entire iTunes library.