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Adam Lashinsky: Scott Forstall is Apple’s ‘CEO-in-Waiting’

Adam Lashinsky: Scott Forstall is Apple’s ‘CEO-in-Waiting’

Scott Forstall is Apple’s ‘CEO-in-waiting’, according to Adam Lashinsky, whose new book Inside Apple goes on sale January 25th, Apple 2.0 reports. The book argues that it is Forstall who most resembles the late Steve Jobs, both of them possessing incredible ambition and drive.

Forstall had previously gained a reputation as a “maddeningly political” Steve Jobs through BusinessWeek¬†who also brought up the similarities between the two last October immediately after his passing.

It was reported that like Steve Jobs, Forstall always gets what he wants, and this personality trait has reportedly been the reason for the departure of several to executives. The book also suggests that Forstall “wears his ambition in plainer view than the typical Apple executive,” which would support BusinessWeek’s article.


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