Camera+ Sells Over 6 Million Copies, Brings In $5.1 Million in Revenue

Posted in Apple News, Apps, iOS on 16/01/2012 by J. Glenn Künzler


TapTapTap has announced that their popular iPhone photo app Camera+ has just hit its 6 millionth sale, and has generated over $5.1 million in revenue for the company – proof positive that you don’t need to be the next Angry Birds to make money in the App Store!

Camera+ Cumulative Sales
The developer attributes the timing of the milestone to increase sales over the past several months due to strong sales of the iPhone 4S.

We’ve just hit our 6 millionth sale for everyone’s favorite iPhone photo app, Camera+. It’s been a while since I’ve done a sales figures post with all the number/charts/etc. But after taking a look at Camera+ sales over time, I found it interesting to see how much they’ve increased over the past several months, with the bulk of this being attributed to the success of the iPhone 4S.

The app has increased in revenue more than three times over the past six months, and has generated an impressive $5,125,844 in revenue as of their announcement. In addition to the iPhone 4S launch, a strong holiday sales quarter also contributed significantly:

When the iPhone 4S came out, Camera+ sales have approximately doubled and have sustained that new level since then. And with Christmas, even though it occurred weeks ago, sales have increased by about 2/3 more than the level they were before the holiday.

In all their time on the App Store, Camera+ has never been the #1 ranked app in the App Store, but has nevertheless achieved amazing success through prolonged sales and by maintaining and increasing their popularity over time.

If you haven’t yet tried the app, Camera+ is available from the App Store for just $0.99 (App Store link) – I highly recommend it.


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