iOS 6 Beta, Updated Site to Launch at WWDC?

iOS 6 Beta, Updated Site to Launch at WWDC?

Shortly after Apple was found to be testing a new notification system on, developer Steven Troughton-Smith (via 9to5Mac) had found that Apple is also testing a revised version of their portal (at , featuring additional web apps for Notes and Reminders.

The two additional web apps are in addition to the 5 apps currently shown on the public site: Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Find My iPhone, and iWork. The beta site was quickly pulled down after the discovery (although plenty of screenshots have been captured).

That’s not the most interesting part of the discovery, however: Tom Klaver managed to pull the source code for the iCloud beta site, revealing code strings that specifically reference an as yet unreleased beta of iOS 6.

account.\”,\”Error.AuthDidNotValidateNotBetaQualified.Title\”:\”This Apple ID does not have beta access\”,\”Error.AuthDidNotValidateNotBetaQualified.Description\”:\”To use beta.icloud.comfirst sign in to iCloud with the iOS 6Beta.\”,\”Error.AuthDidNotValidateNotBetaQualified.LearnMore\”:\”Learn More\”,\”Error.AuthDidNotValidateNotBetaQualified.LearnMore.URL\”:\”\“,\”Error.AuthDidNotValidateNotDeveloperQualified.Title\”:\”This Apple ID does not have developer access to\”,\”Error.AuthDidNotValidateNotDeveloperQualified.Description\”:\”To use developer.icloud.comfirst sign in to iCloud with the iOS 6Beta.\”,\”Error.AuthDidNotValidateNotDeveloperQualified.LearnMore\”:\”Learn

Considering that Apple seems to be actively working on changes and enhancements to iCloud, that the next iPhone (and iOS 6) is expected to be released this fall, and that Apple typically begins seeding developer betas a few month ahead of times, it looks like we’ll almost certainly see a beta of iOS 6 released at WWDC.

This coincides with a report earlier this morning that Apple is working on a new 3D mapping service for iOS 6, and will demo the feature at WWDC.