Apple Is Using Waze Data in Their New iOS 6 Maps App

Apple Is Using Waze Data in Their New iOS 6 Maps App

TomTom sent out a press release yesterday, saying Apple had licensed part of it mapping solutions and data for use in the new Maps app in iOS6. However, during the keynote presentation, there was also mention of “crowd sourced data” being used. Where was that coming from? It could be coming from Waze, the company with the same named navigation app currently in the App Store.

Slash Gear:

…Waze is listed under Apple’s legal notices among with many other mapping companies. Waze is credited as providing only “Map data”, but that could extend to the crowd sourced reports that Apple alluded to during Monday’s keynote. Other companies listed include Getchee, Localeze, Urban Mapping, DMTI, MapData Sciences, and TomTom.

Waze apps are currently available on iOS and Android. It’s social aspects allow users to receive free turn-by-turn navigation, while reporting any accidents, traffic jams, or other incidents they may encounter along their route. All the alerts are then supplied to the Waze community. Apple is outlining a similar approach for their app.

Apple is completely overhauling their Maps app in iOS 6, removing Google Maps in favor of its own solution. In addition to turn-by-turn navigation, and crowd sourced information, the new app will feature a 3D vector mode, and Flyover, which allows the user to jump into a fully 3D photographed environment, which can then be manipulated for the best view.