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Apple Yanks Mac Pro From Retail Shelves Ahead of WWDC

Apple Yanks Mac Pro From Retail Shelves Ahead of WWDC

There’s been a great deal of speculation about a possible Mac Pro update in the near future, especially considering recent reports that Apple will be updating 4 out of their 5 Mac lines at WWDC. A new report now claims that Apple is pulling Mac Pro models from retail shelves ahead of next week’s WWDC keynote.

MacRumors reports:

…MacRumors has learned that Apple began recalling Mac Pro stocks from its retail stores several weeks ago, with retail store staff having been instructed to inform customers that they may still order the machines online. 

A quick survey of roughly 100 U.S. Apple retail stores for availability of the entry-level stock Mac Pro model shows that nearly all of them are indeed out of stock for in-store pickup, although we did find four California stores and one Texas store with machines available for immediate pickup. 

The only reason I can think of for Apple yanking current Mac Pro models from retail shelves is that they plan to release updated models in the near future. If they were discontinuing the Mac Pro, they would likely continue selling in-stock models at regular price, or possibly at a discount.

It’s also especially interesting that the Mac Pro is being pulled from shelves just one week before WWDC. That’s pretty convenient timing, and only increases speculation that Apple’s got something very interesting brewing in the ole’ pot.

The WWDC keynote is set for June 11th, so we’ll have to wait until then to find out for sure – but the timing of this can’t be a pure coincidence, can it?