12 Interesting Facts About Apple

12 Interesting Facts About Apple

Apple has produced a lot of iconic products over the years, including some of the most popular products available today – but there are a few things you might not know about Apple! Here’s a list of 10 little-known facts about our favorite “fruit company!”

1. Apple is now the world’s largest technology company.

2. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak had a third partner in the earliest days of Apple. Ronald Wayne sold his 10 per cent stake in the company for $800 in 1976.

3. The very first Apple iPod contained an Easter egg. By navigating to the ‘About’ menu and holding down the centre button for a few seconds, users could play a game of Breakout while listening to their music collection. The game itself had previously been developed by company founder Steve Jobs, with the help of co-founder Steve Wozniak, during Jobs’ time at Atari.

4. Despite the high profile of its machines, Apple Macintoshes hold less than 10 per cent of the personal computer market.

5. In 2011, Apple’s profits were the equivalent of $400,000 for each of its employees.

6. In 1994, Apple launched the world’s first mass-market colour digital camera. The QuickTake 100 had a resolution of less than one megapixel, no digital display and could hold only eight photographs before its memory was full. The product line was scrapped when Jobs returned to Apple in 1997.

7. Despite only being launched in 2007, iPhones accounted for more than 40 per cent of Apple’s annual revenues by 2011. More than three quarters of the company’s income is the result of products invented in the past decade.

8. During his last 15 years at Apple, CEO Steve Jobs was paid an annual salary of $1. This allowed him to qualify for company health benefits. Despite this, Jobs had a net worth of $7 billion.

9. Since the accessibility of custom t-shirt printing from companies like Vistaprint came around in the late 90s, there are now over 100 different designs of t-shirt created by and for Mac fan boys.

10. Steve Jobs hired renowned architect I. M. Pei to renovate his New York apartment. He then sold the home to Bono of U2 fame without ever having lived there himself.

11. In late 1976, finding themselves in desperate need of cash to buy the parts they needed to build the first few Apple I computers that had been ordered, Jobs and Wozniak decided to liquidate all their assets. Jobs sold his beloved Volkswagen van while Wozniak sold his pocket calculator. The calculator, an HP-65 which was one of the first programmable calculators ever launched, fetched $500.

12. Although best known for its many successes, Apple has also had numerous costly failures – most of them under the leadership of Jobs himself. These include the Cube – a monitor-less computer, the Newton PDA and the Apple Lisa.

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