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Apple Adds New ‘Bluetooth Sharing’ Feature in iOS 6 Beta 4

Apple Adds New ‘Bluetooth Sharing’ Feature in iOS 6 Beta 4

Following Apple release of the 4th iOS 6 beta to developers earlier today, a number of interesting changes have been discovered with the release, such as the removal of the YouTube app. 9to5Mac notes another very interesting addition: A new “Bluetooth Sharing” menu in the Settings app.

We don’t normally comment on changes or features found in iOS betas. After all, they are betas, and subject to change. We also don’t like to skirt the non-disclosure agreement that we signed with Apple when signing up for our developer accounts. We’ll use 9to5Mac’s agreement violation to our advantage this time around.

The Bluetooth Sharing menu, however, is especially interesting considering recent rumors that Apple may allow multiple iOS devices to link together via Bluetooth. The ability to share data via Bluetooth is also a brand new venture for Apple, having never been officially supported until now.

As with most things listed under the Sharing menu in iOS, the Bluetooth Sharing feature would allow apps to send and receive data to and from other devices, even when you’re not actively using those apps.

Besides the Bluetooth linking feature, it’s also possible that Apple could plan on using the feature with their Passbook app in iOS 6, making it easier to share tickets or reward card information with retailers or other businesses.

So what’s really in store for Apple’s Bluetooth Sharing feature? Frankly, nobody except Apple really knows – but I cannot think of a single possibility that isn’t quite interesting.