Hidden Treasure on Old Mac ROMs: Apple Employee Photographs

Posted in Apple News, Mac on 23/08/2012 by Chris Hauk


The things you find in old Macintosh SE ROMs… You just never know where an Apple Easter egg is going to turn up.


NYC Resistor recently found an old Macintosh SE on a Brooklyn street and noticed an interesting easter egg buried in the ROMs after doing some digital digging. 

Seems the were digging through some dumps generated from the Apple Mac SE ROM images they noticed a large amount of non-code, non-audio data. Adam Mayer tested different stride widths and found that at 67 bytes (536 pixels across) there appeared to be some sort of image data that clearly was a picture of people. “The rest of the image was skewed and distorted, so we knew that it wasn’t stored as an uncompressed bitmap.”

They decoded the “scrambled mess” and turned it into the above images complete with a hidden message from “Thu, Nov 20, 1986“.

This is cool. An Apple team hid four images in a Mac almost 26 years ago. Excellent!

NYC Resistor is now looking for anyone who can identify the mystery employees. You can also go to the blog to also learn more about the discovery’s engineering-side.


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