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Injunction Hearing Against Samsung is Scheduled for December

Injunction Hearing Against Samsung is Scheduled for December

Judge Lucy Koh has set the date for when the court will hear Apple’s request for a permanent sales ban on certain Samsung smartphones.


According to a court order filed on Tuesday, the judge is slated to hear arguments on Dec. 6 regarding Apple’s move for a permanent injunction against eight Samsung handsets identified on Monday, reports Reuters.

The order also sets the deadlines by which both parties must submit their respective replies and oppositions in regard to post-judgement findings. Judge Koh has consolidated other post-trial motions for the December 6 hearing. September 20 had originally been set aside for Apple and Samsung to meet to discuss the injunction, but that date is now reserved for Samsung’s request to revoke a sales ban against the Galaxy 10.1.

Judge Koh is pushing for both sides to strictly adhere to her mandates regarding post-judgement motions. She took the same position during the trial, as she fought to keep the case on-track. Her “rag tag” team was having trouble keeping up with the flood of filings from both companies massive teams of lawyers.

From the order:

The page limits set forth herein will be strictly enforced. Any argument that is not explicitly articulated within the briefing page limits will be disregarded. Any supporting documentation shall be for corroboration purposes solely and shall not be used as a vehicle for circumventing the Court’s page limits. Any citations to the record must include the relevant testimony or exhibit language. Any single-spaced bullets in an attempt to circumvent the briefing page limits will be disregarded.

Apple won a sweeping victory over Samsung late last week, as Samsung was found to be in violation of six Apple design and utility patents.


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