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Apple Brings Facebook Integration to iOS 6 and OS X Mountain Lion

Apple Brings Facebook Integration to iOS 6 and OS X Mountain Lion

Apple was a busy bunch of beavers, as they released iOS 6 and a Mountain Lion update all in one day! In both cases, the updates bring a much awaited bit of Facebook integration.

Facebook Integration With iOS 6


When Apple announced iOS 5 and the tight integration it would feature with Twitter, many people wondered about the conspicuous lack of Facebook integration. We still don’t know why Facebook wasn’t included in iOS 5, but it is included in iOS 6 and it works great.

In the Setting app, you’ll see a option for Facebook, If you don’t already have the Facebook app on your device, you’ll have the option to download it. You can then enter your login credentials, and begin customizing how you want Facebook to interact with iOS 6.

With Facebook integration you can update your status by enabling the share widget in notifications, you can then pull down the Notification Tray in any screen and send a status update off to Facebook.

You’ll be able to share URLs in Safari, pictures from the Photos app and share your location from Maps. You can also “like” apps in the App Store. As more apps are updated and developed for iOS 6, there should be plenty of Facebook integration.

You can also allow Facebook access to your Calendar and Contacts. If you do, it will keep your Facebook contacts and information synced to your iOS device.

Facebook Integration With OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2


Not surprisingly, the Facebook integration works much like the Twitter single sign-on added in Mountain Lion. You can share any photos that you happen to have on your computer by right-clicking in Finder and navigating to the Share menu, where you’ll find Facebook as a new option. That should work for most photo files (.PNG, .JPG, etc.), and you can also post updates by opening up Notification Center in the top right-hand side of the OS X Menu Bar and choosing “Post to Facebook.”

Sign in to the network using your Facebook credentials under “Settings > Mail, Contacts & Calendars,” and then you can use Facebook directly from system menus and Notification center to do share updates, sync contacts and more.

With Contacts Sync, Facebook now inserts info from your network entries into your existing contacts.

Facebook in OS X also allows developers to tap into the social network, so users will be able to grant permissions to third-party software to use their Facebook credentials.

The integration also adds Facebook alerts to Notification Center, so you’ll see when you get a message, or someone posts to your wall.