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Buyer Beware: Third-Party Lightning Cables Probably Won’t Work!

Buyer Beware: Third-Party Lightning Cables Probably Won’t Work!

According to the knowledgable cables experts at Double Helix Cables, it’s a very bad idea to buy any third-party Lightning cables or adapters currently on the market. Third-party cables almost certainly will not work at all, as they lack Apple’s proprietary authentication chips.

 AppleInsider reports:

A new teardown finds that Apple’s newest cable comes with authentication chips, which are located between the V+ contact of the USB and the power pin on the new Lightning plug. Because of this, it would have been next to impossible for third-party manufacturers to have already produced less expensive, generic cables by this time.

In an email toAppleInsider, Peter at Double Helix Cables speels out the details:

There is basically no way those are functional cables. You can’t just build a Lightning cable by making something with the same shape and connectivity, and my teardown proves that. The chip has to be there, and it is directly in the signal path of the V+ wire.

To anyone who has already purchased a third-party Lightning cable or adapter, I suppose the moral of the story is that you shouldn’t be so quick to trust third party products – especially for Apple’s products, which often contain proprietary mechanisms!

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  1. Adam says:

    If Apple had their shit together and made these extra items available when they launched the new device, people wouldn’t have to run out and buy 3rd party equipment. Shame on you apple.
    Its bad enough that people have to go out and buy these adaptors because everything they already own for their older device doesn’t fit it anymore. But now they have to wait for your slack asses to get their shit together and make the correct adaptors so they can use their new toy on their existing equipment.
    What a joke.

  2. BD says:

    stop your complaining.. everytime you bought a phone before the iphone, the contact was probably different… its a miracle apple kept the same connector this long. at least there will be adapters.. settle down.. their coming..

    1. Not complaining. Just pointing out that current third-party cables and adapters probably won’t work.

    2. Jeremy says:

      Yeah but who wants to carry an adapter around with them all the time? And all phones have mini USB so no I haven’t run into the problem of buying different phones w different connectors. I have to buy 4 of these dumb adapters for my car and house docks and work dock. You must be made of money to not be a little ticked. Just use mini USB apple!!! There way of making money is sick and people buy into it

  3. August says:

    every phone on the market has miniusb connector.. So yes it’s ridiculous

  4. 당근툰 says:

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