iOS 6: What’s New With Maps?

iOS 6: What’s New With Maps?

As you’ve probably heard, Google Maps isn’t around any more in iOS 6. This makes way for Apple’s native Maps app, a more than worthy replacement for the Google solution.


When Google Maps left, so did Street View. But, the new Maps app gives us an intriguing replacement, Flyover.

Flyover allows you to actually fly over some major cities in the world. The interactive view is 3D, and it allows you to zoom, tilt, and rotate around landmarks, buildings, and more. This is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Turn-by-Turn navigation

Time to sell your TomTom, or give your Garmin to the less fortunate. iOS 6 Maps brings turn-by-turn navigation to your iPhone. With spoken directions, real-time traffic integration, and a 3D view, the new Maps app is a more than capable replacement for your costly navigation systems.

The informative screen gives you real-time updates on your location, when and where the next turn is, what your ETA is, and can even give you traffic alerts and will reroute you in case of slowdowns. And it even works from the lock screen.

Siri is integrated with Maps, so you can ask Siri to take you there and Maps will find the quickest route. She can also find nearby restaurants and gas stations.

The new Maps app is a great addition to iOS, and is definitely one of the highlights of the new OS. Make sure to check out our full iOS 6 coverage for all the details on Apple’s latest mobile platform!