Retina MacBook Pro Now in Stock For Immediate Shipment at Apple Online Store

Posted in Apple, Apple News, Mac on 05/09/2012 by Chris Hauk


If you’ve been looking to pick up a Retina MacBook Pro, you can grab one now from the Apple Online Store without any shipping delay at all! Users have been teased with various wait times since the laptop’s debut in June.


The laptops are now officially designated “in stock” at Apple’s online store. So you can order one and receive it within five business days via standard free shipping or within two to three business days via $15 expedited shipping.

Following the launch of the new MacBook Pro, Apple initially promised a delay of two to three weeks. That quickly rose to a month, before finally settling in at two to three weeks. The wait time had recently fallen to one to two weeks.

The laptop is showing up as in stock at Apple’s U.S. online store, as well as the U.K. and Japan stores. You can order the unit and have it delivered directly to your abode, or to your local Apple Store.

The 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro starts at $2,199 for the 2.3GHz version and $2,799 for the 2.6GHz edition.


Chris Hauk

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