Temecula Apple Store Left In Ruins After Vehicular Smash And Grab Raid

Posted in Apple, Apple News on 07/09/2012 by Henry Taylor-Gill


We’ve seen some pretty impressive Apple Store robberies, and this is certainly right up there. The Temecula Apple Store’s glass front was completely ripped out after a smash and grab raid which involved a car ploughing right through it, Tech Shizzle reports. The car went so far into the store that it also took out several tables, while the bad guys also made off with loads of Apple gear.

The vehicle made a successful getaway, even if police are still searching for it. More impressive that it smashed through the glass was that it managed to completely rip out the metal security grill, so you would imagine that it wasn’t done in Smart car, and that it was probably something purpose customized for the task.

The store is obviously closed for the time being, with no indication as to when it will reopen. With the iPhone 5 launch days away, Apple fans in Temecula will have to go further afield to get Apple’s latest phone, even if it is possible but unlikely that Apple reopens it before then.


Henry Taylor-Gill

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