Where to Buy an iPhone 5 On Launch Day

Where to Buy an iPhone 5 On Launch Day

If you weren’t lucky enough to snag an iPhone 5 pre-order from Apple before they sold out, the only way you’ll get an iPhone 5 on launch day is by standing in line tomorrow for the official launch. Sales will begin at Apple Stores at 8 AM local time, and around the same time frame for most third-party retailers.

If you don’t want to brave the lines at an Apple Store, there are a number of other retailers also offering the iPhone 5! Here’s the full list of where you can buy an iPhone 5 for launch day tomorrow!

Where to Buy an iPhone 5

Apple Stores will of course have the most stock, and are your safest bet to make sure you get an iPhone 5 tomorrow. Carrier stores should also have decent stock, and Best Buy usually gets quite a few iPhones in stock as well. Walmart, Target, and Radio Shack typically get less stock, and in some cases certain stores may not get any!

Click the links to visit the store sites. Use the store locator to find one near you – and it’s probably worth calling your local store ahead of time to make sure they’ll have some stock when you get there! Good luck!

For tips on standing in line tomorrow, check out our iPhone 5 Launch Day Survival Guide!