AT&T Once Again Ranked as America’s Worst Carrier by Consumer Report

Posted in Apple News on 30/11/2012 by J. Glenn Künzler


Consumer Reports has once again published their annual report ranking U.S. wireless carriers, and once again – continuing a tradition that has spanned many years – AT&T has managed to come in dead last in terms of customer service, and in overall rank. 

Despite the abismal ranking, there is a bright spot in the report for AT&T – they were ranked as having the best 4G LTE network, despite the fact that Verizon has a significantly larger coverage area. Speaking of Verizon, they took first place in the rankings! Congrats, Verizon!

After several years of coming in dead last, it would seem that AT&T would at least try to do something to boost their appeal in the eyes of consumers – but with their continued trend of alienating customers, by doing anti-consumer things like blocking FaceTime over Cellular access to force users onto more expensive plans, that doesn’t appear to be happening at all.

Congrats on coming in dead last once more, AT&T! I’d feel sorry for you – but frankly, you’ve brought this on yourselves!

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    How is AT&T last? They have had exceptional customer service everytime I have ever needed any help. Compared to Verizon who forces their customers into shared data plans and to give up unlimited data, AT&T allows customers to keep unlimited data plans and leaves an array of data options. Furthermore Verizon store service reps have created horrific experiences for friends of mine and proven themselves both incompetent and hungry for commission boosting sales. Shocked that AT&T would pull in to last place yet again compared to Verizon.


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