New Hidden Tethering App Sneaks Onto the App Store

New Hidden Tethering App Sneaks Onto the App Store

Another developer has managed to sneak a tethering app past Apple’s approval radar and onto the App Store, allowing users to use their iPhone data service on their Mac or PC with no additional charge. A number of apps have surfaced in the past with hidden tethering abilities – and this week’s catch is called FlashArmyKnife.

Apple is usually quick to remove apps with hidden easter eggs like these, especially for unauthorized features – but the fact that Apple has closed down iTunes Connect until December 28th will likely with in this app’s favor. Aside from the sneaky hidden feature, the app also combines a number of other useful utilities, such as a flashlight, calculator, currency converter, and compass.

The tethering feature is hidden within the calculator, and iDownloadBlog has instructions and a video tutorial for how to activate the feature iDB also provides a video showing the hidden feature in action, embedded above.

To enable tethering, run the app and hit the Calculator tab at the bottom.

Punch in the following (without comas): 1642, M+, C, 1452, M+, C, 1943, M+

If you entered the combination correctly, the calculator display should read “run” […]

Tethering is now enabled (HTTP port: 6667, SOCKS port: 6668).

To stop tethering, tap the “C” button on the calculator.

FlashArmyKnife is available now from the App Store for $1.99. Grab it now before Apple pulls the plug!