AAPL Stock Falls Over 10% After Hours, Despite Record Quarterly Earnings

Posted in Apple, Apple News on 24/01/2013 by J. Glenn Künzler


Just a couple of hours ago, Apple announced all-time record earnings for the 2012 holiday quarter – in fact, it was the largest corporate earnings year ever by a fair shake. Despite Apple’s success, however, they stil missed Wall Street’s overly optimistic projections – and their stock has fallen over 10% in after-hours trading as a result!

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Among the reasons for missing projections was lower-than-anticipated iPad sales, which Tim Cook noted was due to the fact that Apple could not produce iPad minis fast enough tio keep up with demand. Not being able to supply enough iPads for all the people who want to buy them is a good thing, if you ask me! At least people are buying them up like hot cakes, right?

Mac sales also decreased significantly compared to the previous quarter, due to severe supply shortages of Apple’s ultra-thin new iMacs.

Despite the reasoning behind the stock dip, the fact remains that Apple had a pretty darn epic quarter – yet somehow analysts and investors have still managed to see it as a disaster. Go figure.

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