Free Press Launches Petition Against AT&T’s FaceTime Policies, in Defense of Net Neutrality

Posted in Apple News, iPhone on 22/01/2013 by J. Glenn Künzler


AT&T has been hit with a huge amount of criticism over their Facetime over Cellular policies, despite last week’s move in which AT&T opened up the service to additional users. Many don’t consider that move to be enough, however, and Free Press has launched a new petition site against AT&T’s decision to continue blocking users of their grandfathered unlimited plans  from using the feature.

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From the petition site (via The Verge):

AT&T is still blocking FaceTime and violating Net Neutrality. And it wants to get rid of any rules that protect our freedom to connect. Learn more here and here.

AT&T initially blocked FaceTime over Cellular to anyone except users of their more expensive Data Share plans, and has been slowly rolling the feature out to more users in an apparent attempt to appease Net Neutrality groups and avoid a possible FCC inquiry over violation of Net Neutrality.

As of this moment, nearly 13,000 users have signed the petition. If you’d like to sign the petition as well, check out the petition website over at Free Press. You can also join our Call to Arms against AT&T, which encourages users to take action based on a similar argument.


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