Apple and Samsung Capture 103% of Phone Profits – That’s Right, 103%

Posted in Apple, Apple News on 06/02/2013 by Chris Hauk


Apple and Samsung combined to rack up 103% of mobile phone profits in 2012. Yes, you read right, 103%. The number was made possible by the losses incurred by Motorola, Sony, and Nokia.



Apple took a commanding 69 percent of handset profits last year, more than doubling the next closest company, Samsung, which accounted for 34 percent. Together, that gave the two companies more than 100 percent of the industry’s profits, according to research released on Wednesday by Canaccord Genuity.

Nokia’s losses amounted to a negative 2% of industry profits, and Motorola and Sony Ericsson both accounted for -1%.

The only other company to see a figure that was in the positive part of the chart was HTC, with a whopping 1% of industry profits. BlackBerry and LG are estimated to have broken even.

Apple’s share of industry profits was even larger in the Q4 of 2012, as they introduced their new flagship handset, the iPhone 5 during the quarter. Apple grabbed a 72% chunk of the profits for the quarter, with Samsung sliding down a bit to 29%.


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