Bill Gates Admits Steve Jobs Was ‘always cooler than me’ (Video)

Posted in Apple News on 01/02/2013 by J. Glenn Künzler


Steve Jobs and Bill Gates share a lot of history, despite the legendary rivalry between the two co-founders massive companies – and it’s always interesting to hear what the two tech titans have to say about one another. In a humorous interview on late-night political comedy show The Colbert Report, Gates sat down with Steven Colbert, and had some intriguing things to say about Jobs!


From the interview (via Colbert Nation):

Colbert: People say “what a cool guy, what a cool guy Steve Jobs was.” You are out there saving the world and yet, you don’t have the cool factor, no offense, not the same turtleneck cool factor. As a man who has contributed a great deal, does it ever bug you that you are out there saving the world and yet he has the memories a cool guy?

Gates: He was always cooler than me.

Colbert: Yeah?

Gates: Yeah.

Colbert: Maybe saving the world will get cool.

Gates: It’s okay.

Colbert: Really? You don’t care?

Gates: No. He was brilliant. He had his own style, his own approach and mine is a little geekier than his was.

There are also some awesome serious moments in the interview that emphasize Bill Gates extremely honorable contributions to human welfare and humanitarian efforts, and it’s worth watching the whole segment. Check it out, embedded below! Note: The actual interview is towards the end of the show.


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