Review: Detox My Mac – Cleanse Your Mac of Useless Data

Rating: 4.5/5

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These days, it seems like every piece of technology we buy has a shorter and shorter life span. This is a terrible scenario for computer buyers, especially if you’re spending $1500+ on a MacBook Pro or iMac. Fortunately, some of our more expensive electronics can be kept working better for longer – all they need is an occasional Detox.


Detox for Mac (available here) is a Mac software cleaner, designed to free up space and clean out junk that most Mac owners don’t even know exists.


Built to be very streamlined, Detox for Mac features a simple check box menu, a scan option, and a detox option. Choosing what areas to scan is as simple as checking a box to include or exclude system logs, unused language packs, file caches, and other obsolete data.

Once you’ve made your selections, hitting scan my system will begin the process. While scanning, Detox my Mac will tally up the total number of files and disk space being used by the files you’ve selected. Using intelligent software analysis, Detox will determine if the files are needed by another application and exclude anything necessary to keep your software and system running smoothly.

detox scanning

From here, clicking Detox will clear your system of any useless 1s and 0s that may be taking up space or slowing you down.  Before clicking Detox, be sure to review the files and folders that will be removed.  If, like me, you use the downloads folder for longer-term file storage, you may lose important data if you Detox with the defaults.

Verdict: [rating: 4.5]

Detox My Mac is a simple and efficient way to keep your Mac running smoothly. The intelligent ability to remove unused information and useless (and likely VERY old) logging information means your Mac will run at peak performance for longer. Using Detox my Mac cleared nearly 3 GB of caches, log files, and old  alone from my computer. And if you’re using a Solid-State Drive, that’s a lot of precious disk space.



  • Easy to use
  • Safely removes only unused/irrelevant information
  • Breakdown of what will be removed during detox
  • Works wonders on any age of Mac (OS X 10.5 and up)
  • Free updates for life (and a transferable license)


  • Does not clear out useless system processes hogging RAM.

Keep your computer investment running at its best, check out Detox My Mac today.

  • starmann

    Doesn’t work with Mavericks

  • If you buy it through http://WWW.MACBOOKTIPS.NET you will receive 30% off your purchase. This software works great so we are happy to provide our loyal followers with a 30% off discount. Type in http://WWW.MACBOOKTIPS.NET in your browser and the price should adjust automatically.

    • Thanks for the discount! This software truly works like a charm and got the job done It’s well worth the investment!

    • omg thank you – it’s ridiculously cheap and saved my MacBook. I kept seeing that damn rainbow wheel of death and wanted to scream!! never again rainbow wheel!!


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