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Review: NuGuard KX Case – Military Drop Tested Protection for Your iPhone 5

Review: NuGuard KX Case – Military Drop Tested Protection for Your iPhone 5

It’s no secret around MacTrast that I love cases for my iPhone. It’s also no secret that I am a clumsy oaf who drops his iPhone about 5-10 times a day. So, I like a case that’s going to protect my precious device from those treacherous plunges.

While at CES 2013, I ran into the fine folks at Newer Technology, who make the NuGuard KX Case for the iPhone 5. Once I saw this case, I asked, nay, begged them to send me a sample for review. If you want great protection from an iPhone case that looks good while doing it, you’re going to want to take a close look at the KX.



The NuGuard KX uses what Newer Technology calls a “state-of-the-art X-Orbing gel technology.” They say it’s designed to absorb and evenly distribute kinetic energy. The “X-Orbing” material is then engineered into a hard outer shell with a soft interior, to create a stylish one piece design. What this means is this case is going to protect your iPhone 5, and look good while doing it.

The case comes in eight different color combinations. All of the combinations are stylish and look good wrapped around your phone. I chose what the company calls Midnight, (seen above), which is a darker blue outer shell bound to a black inner shell.

The case is easy to install. Simply take your iPhone and insert it into the KX from the front side. The case fits securely around the iPhone, forming a protective and secure layer of protection around the device. While the case fits snugly, it’s also easy to remove the case if for some reason you need to.

One thing I really liked about the case was the fact that it wasn’t too rigid. I dislike hard plastic cases. They’re usually slick, and in some cases lead me to drop my iPhone more than I would if it was buck naked. The KX has a firm but giving surface on the sides and back, allowing me to get a secure and firm grip on the iPhone at all times. I found myself not dropping the device nearly as much as I had in the past.

The case doesn’t interfere with any of the ports, or the speaker or microphone.The Lightning port was accessible, and there was no need to remove the case when I had it charging, or docked in my clock radio. (I have a traditional 30-pin connector on my radio, which I use a 30-pin to Lightning adapter.)

The only issue I ran into with the Lightning port while using the case was with a 3rd-party charger from Belkin which I use in my car. The plastic around the connector on the Belkin is a little thicker, so it needed a little extra push to fit the connector into the port. It was not the fault of the KX, but it is something users of 3rd-party Lightning accessories might do well to be aware of.

The website has some great videos of how they drop tested the case. This thing can take some punishment. The videos can be see here.

As well as providing a great layer of protection, the case also looked good. I received quite a few compliments about the case during the time I used it. The case was excellent protection for my treasured device without feeling and looking bulky.


If you’re looking for a case that gives great protection for your iPhone 5, and looks good while doing it, you would do well to give the NuGuard KX a try. The case is stylish, and gives a high degree of protection for your device.

The material the case is made out of is rugged, yet still good looking. It gives an excellent degree of protection to your iPhone 5, while still racking up style points. If you’re a little rough with your handset, there’s a good chance you need a case like the KX.

The case is a great value for the price, offers a 30-day no hassle money-back guarantee, and carries a lifetime warranty.

The case is available for the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5.

Rating: 4.5/5[rating:4.5]

Price: $35.00 MSRP – For more information, visit the NuGuard KX website.


  • Easy to install on the iPhone
  • Attractive styling and design
  • Great protection
  • The case itself allowed me to keep a better grip on my iPhone


  • Users of 3rd-party Lightning accessories may want to make sure they’re compatible with the case