Funny Or Die Steve Jobs Movie Released

Funny Or Die Steve Jobs Movie Released

Funny or Die has finally released its movie on Steve Jobs, iSteve, starring Justin Long (who played the Apple guy in the commercials) and directed by Ryan Perez. If you want an accurate, serious representation of the life of Steve Jobs, then don’t watch it. If you want to chuckle a bit, then it’s actually a bit pretty good film.

It’s labeled a biopic, but it’s definitely a parody, and I think that’s where the confusion arises. From what I can tell there has been reaction saying it’s massively unrealistic, which is sort of the point. I’ve watched the whole thing, and it does get better as it goes on.

While some of the jokes are not amusing, some did make me chuckle. For a parody, it really isn’t bad. You can watch it here.

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