New Pics Allegedly Show Off Rear Plastic Shell of Low-Cost iPhone

New Pics Allegedly Show Off Rear Plastic Shell of Low-Cost iPhone

Another day, another low-cost iPhone rumor, this time with images. The supposed images of a polycarbonate-back, low-cost iPhone have hit the tubes, along with a prediction that the plasti-iPhone will see a release in the fall.



The image, released Thursday, started anew the rumors that Apple is planning to release an iPhone to compete for the lower-cost market. The casing shown looks to be a polycarbonate shell measuring between 0.4mm and 0.6mm thick, according to tech blog Tactus. It is less rounded than the iPhone 3GS, the last Apple phone to feature a plastic backing.

The image cannot be confirmed of course, as Apple never comments on images like this. AppleInsider points out the pixelization around the “iPhone” lettering and logo, and also on the holes for the camera and flash. This could be the result of digital manipulation, or simply poor image quality. (Why these “leaks” can’t be photographed with a high-quality camera instead of what appears to be a flip-phone is beyond me…)


Rumors are the low-dollar iPhone will have an A5 processor powering it, will pack a 3.5-inch Retina screen, and will have a price tag of around $300.

The photos above could be a legitimate, and this is what we’ll see on release day. Or it could have been mocked up according to leaked specs, legitimate or not. Time will tell, and then after the low-ball iPhone is released we can move on to more important things, like the iWatch rumors.