Review: iLetterz – An Entertaining New Word Game for iOS

Rating: 3.5/5

Posted in Apple, iOS, iPhone, Reviews on 01/07/2013 by C. Marie Johnson


With games like Words with Friends still maintaining popularity, it is no wonder that the word game craze is still holding strong. I am always eager to try new word games, as they are among my favorite games to play on my iPhone. iLetterz, free in the App Store, is a new word game that is reminiscent of hangman, only without the hanging man.



iLetterz is a descriptive word game that uses loose definitions of a word to help the player guess. Players are allotted a certain number of letters to fill in the blanks, based on the provided definition. iLetterz also provides “bombs” to reveal a letter of the word to help players if they are stumped. Each letter placed by the player results in 1 point, 50 points must be earned to be able to move onto the next level, the trick is to complete the level before the 4-minute timer runs out. Once a level is completed under the time limit, the next level is unlocked, revealing thirty levels in all. As the levels progress, the 4-minute time limit goes down to 3 minutes, making the game that much more difficult.

While playing mindless games with action and tons of colors can be fun, sometimes it is nice to throw back and play a simple game that requires more thought. I for one really enjoy guessing games, even more so when the game is centered around words.

One thing to note about iLetterz is that the definitions provided are easily understandable and don’t necessarily try to trick the gamer. As the levels go on, the timer gets shorter and the words get tougher, which is where the bombs come in handy.

iLetterz provides a good challenge, although there were times where I was legitimately stumped with words and it seemed like no matter how many bombs I used to reveal letters, I still couldn’t figure the word out. With each word I found difficult, there was another word that I instantly knew.

iLetterz is not a game where the levels are based on categories, which is something I found that could potentially improve the game.

A good feature that I found helpful was the skip word option for those words that I just couldn’t seem to guess, even if they were on the tip of my tongue. All in all, the provided definitions are well thought out and the words are typical of every day conversations and interests, making the game fun with the perfect amount of challenge.


Overall, iLetterz is a fun game that can be slightly addictive, but it certainly helps pass the time. Any game that can both entertain and challenge, is a win in my book, check out iLetterz and see for yourself!


iLetterz is available FREE for your iOS device in the App Store. [DIRECT LINK]


  • Fun to play Simple game interface
  • Ability to skip words


  • Would be nice to have categories


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