iOS 7 Update is Causing Wi-Fi Issues for Some iPhone 4S Owners

iOS 7 Update is Causing Wi-Fi Issues for Some iPhone 4S Owners

Apple’s support forums are filled with hundreds of complaints that iOS 7 has caused a new series of problems with the phone’s Broadcom Wi-Fi and Bluetooth controller, recalling similar issues that hit the users with the release of iOS 6 last year.



The issue reportedly causes the WiFi option in the iPhone 4S’s Settings app to become unavailable, or “greyed out.” Other iOS devices — including the iPhone 5, iPad 2/3, and iPad mini — are also cited, though sparingly, as being affected.

Heating issues seem to be the likely culprit, as many users report that placing their phone in the refrigerator or freezer for a few minutes provides a temporary fix.

The iPhone 4s uses a Broadcom BCM4329 WiFi and Bluetooth controller, a popular choice for mobile devices. Processor analysis firm Chipworks estimates the chip was found in more than 50 million devices in Q4 of 2010 alone.

Some users report that upon contacting Apple customer service they were immediately given a new handset, no matter what their current warranty status was, while others report Apple told them they would need to pay $199 for a refurbished replacement.

The same issue was reported last September, after the rollout of iOS 6. Users at that time found that downgrading to a previous release of iOS resolved the issue, however that “fix” isn’t possible with iOS 7.

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