iOS 7 Update is Causing Wi-Fi Issues for Some iPhone 4S Owners

iOS 7 Update is Causing Wi-Fi Issues for Some iPhone 4S Owners

Apple’s support forums are filled with hundreds of complaints that iOS 7 has caused a new series of problems with the phone’s Broadcom Wi-Fi and Bluetooth controller, recalling similar issues that hit the users with the release of iOS 6 last year.



The issue reportedly causes the WiFi option in the iPhone 4S’s Settings app to become unavailable, or “greyed out.” Other iOS devices — including the iPhone 5, iPad 2/3, and iPad mini — are also cited, though sparingly, as being affected.

Heating issues seem to be the likely culprit, as many users report that placing their phone in the refrigerator or freezer for a few minutes provides a temporary fix.

The iPhone 4s uses a Broadcom BCM4329 WiFi and Bluetooth controller, a popular choice for mobile devices. Processor analysis firm Chipworks estimates the chip was found in more than 50 million devices in Q4 of 2010 alone.

Some users report that upon contacting Apple customer service they were immediately given a new handset, no matter what their current warranty status was, while others report Apple told them they would need to pay $199 for a refurbished replacement.

The same issue was reported last September, after the rollout of iOS 6. Users at that time found that downgrading to a previous release of iOS resolved the issue, however that “fix” isn’t possible with iOS 7.

Have you had issues with the Wi-Fi on your iPhone 4S since upgrading to iOS 7? Let us know in the comments section below.

  1. Stan says:

    Have to turn off mobile data for wifi to be detected,pain in the ass,my only fault with ios7 so far

  2. Hui says:

    I also face the same problem with my iphone 4s with ios 7.02

    1. MIchelle says:

      i have the same problem as well !! what shall we do to resolve this????

  3. carlos says:

    a mi me pasa lo mismo, y tengo que estar continuamente, conectando y desconectando mi wifi, ya que no se autoconecta el solo, tengo que apagarlo y encenderlo para que se me conecte

  4. Rai says:

    I’m having a lot if issues with a 4S in the last year. Needed to have it repaired 2 times and I need. 3rd one.
    Last time and this one Wi-if connection isn’t working. When turn it on using short cuts doesn’t connects and doesn’t recognizes any wifi connection. Beside that wifi antenna is seeker than other devices. I’m getting tired of IPhone.
    3 iPhones since I bought it last year, it’s a shame for Apple. And I might have a 4th one, since apple in Portugal doesn’t give a new device.
    Don’t know why different policies when compared to other countries.

  5. omw says:

    facing same wifi issue with my 4s……….ios 7.0.2

  6. zainmunshi says:

    Hi I am zain from India,I have purchased my I phone 4s from united states and till some days before it was functioning without any problem but unfortunately after the phone was updated it developed problem in wi fi which is yet unresolved.I tried many options including restoring the update,keeping the phone in refrigerator however to no avail.If any body know the contact of apple customer service please provide me,,,,,,This problem has rendered my I phone as a useless machine

  7. SkyWolf says:

    This is happening on my iphone 5 right now (7.0.2)…I’m stuck on 4G which I hate. I’m right next to my source of Wifi, and it is very strong (highest power) but I still can’t connect. Worked on 7.0.1

  8. dogman67 says:

    Ha ha LoL… After upgrading to Ios7… My Ip4 froze and when not
    iTunes didn’t work right… Along with my bank apps..
    Sooo I went to Apple store they said it was my cloud issue???
    No way to fix It.. Went to the AT&T store bought the last Ip5.
    With Ios6 and now it’s all Good.. Eat .

  9. Ebby says:

    hi i have a Iphone 4S ios 7.
    wifi greyed out but bluetooth works good.
    no mac address is given to wifi.
    i don’t beleave that my chip has dead but some how it is shut down and i can’t reset it.

  10. marcones says:

    I also face the same problem, im from Brazil and here the Apple customer service dont give me a new handset. BAD

  11. edward says:

    i hate ios7 so much!!! my iphone4s eas perfect now it crahes, looses wifi!! and i get notifications like 20 times for a txt. screen crahes and goes black. phone doesnt wake up when i press the buttons. i hate ios7 itsso annoying i think its time i give android a try.

    1. Jaime says:

      I had issues with the home button prior to IOS7 release I read somewhere it was a faulty design putting the connector right next to the home button. I have been beyond frustrated for awhile now and I am now debating whether I was to get a 5s or another phone like an android.

    2. longshotz says:

      try doing a dfu restore (check out youtube tutorial on how to do this if you don’t know) for your crashing issue. notifications you will have to set that up base on your preferences. my phone was doing the same thing but after i dfu restored the phone it works normally now. took me a few days to learn about the new functions in 7. hope this helps.

  12. Lil says:

    I got an Ip5 and I’m having issues with wifi. I really need this to be solved cause the service company is charging extra for the use of internet and they won’t make any kind of reimbursement ’cause this is not their trouble, but an Ip system issue!!!

  13. Avi says:

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one, my wifi keeps droping, on my 4s. It started a couple of weeks after I upgraded to ios7

  14. Aman Singh says:

    Same problem.. And am out of warranty too… WTF !!

  15. Lalone says:

    Mine works if I wrap it in a tea towel and put it in the freezer for 15 minutes.
    That fixed it for a few days, but now the old issue has resurfaced.

  16. Edwin Baiye says:

    I have had wifi problems after upgrading my iphone4s to ios7. Took it to Apple Store and they replaced the phone. The new one worked for two days and the same wifi problem has occured again!!!

    1. Amir Zaidi says:

      Yep I have the same thing.. proves that it’s the fault of the software. Brand new phone and after a week I get the exact same problem again

  17. Jessica Freiberger says:

    I face this same issue and when I try to FaceTime or I am on speaker phone I can hear the other end but they can’t hear me and I haven’t had that issue before!

  18. scottva says:

    Yep same problem 4s with 7.02

  19. wischick says:

    I am having same issues with wifi connectivity on my 4S….every day for the past two weeks I have to do a network reset…sometimes it works, other times it does not. Obviously, I’m on my iMac right now, so once again, my iphone wireless is not working! Getting really, really tired of this crap.

  20. Annoyed says:

    Yes i keep getting disconnected and my 3G kicks in. I have an iPhone 4!! I’m gonna go over my data plan. How do I fix it.

  21. VERONICA says:

    I have had issues. I had the WIFI greyed out, and the bluetooth continuously showing the loading icons (round with bars). Complained at apple, and because I was 14 days off my warranty, they did not let me get a new device. They wanted me to pay 199$ to get a new one. I called apple care, talked to an advisor and then a senior advisor. Finally, after 30-45 minutes of being on the phone at the apple store, they let me get a new one.

    To be honest, I was really disappointed in apple’s management of the problem. I’ve had plenty of iPods and a Macbook Pro, and I’ve always had excellent products and fully functional for now 4 years. I got my iPhone 4S a year ago, and it’s already defective. The problem started off when I got iOs 7. I told Apple care and they didn’t think it was the new system’s fault but rather the device’s chip. That’s even worst! They make faulty devices with faulty chips, yet they won’t tell their clients or make a callback, not even replace the device! Because THEIR device is faulty, they make ME pay for a new one. They should make their device so that they last the 3-year contract they offer the phone with (in my case it was 3 years), because now I am unsatisfied with the service and my phone, as well as have to bear 2 more years with another 4S that may or may not break in maybe a couple of months or another year. Things would be different if I could change monthly plan. But I can’t, because some genius decided to change the whole system to make 2-year contracts instead of 3, and now those who are still on 3-year contract have to pay a huge amount of money just to have their plan changed. This is ridiculous.

    All this comes down to, when you buy a phone with a 3-year contract, or even 2-year contract, you expect that phone to last that much time. But then again… Industries just wanna make money off of clients’ back, that’s all it really is.

  22. Chris Newman says:

    Yep ios 7.0.2 iphone 4 (not s) and parrot ck3000 no longer pair. All pairings deleted both sides yet the iphone always says it failed to connect to the parrot despite finding it during the bt search! Wish I could rollback!

  23. Ian Mansfield says:

    I have the same issue,after upgrading to ios7 no wifi, tried everything, only temporary fix was the freezer

  24. Nam says:

    I use iphone 4s and after update iOS 7.0.2, my wifi is grayed… hic !!!

  25. IOS7 SUCKS!!! says:

    WTF apple?!?! It appears to be VERY unfortunate your visionary has passed…. keep this up and you won’t have any customer base anymore. The ios7 looks like something I put together in highschool and has more bugs in it than Windows… and THAT is a very hard accomplishment!! I suppose if you guys felt like your stuff worked too well, and wanted to be more like windows, then JOB WELL DONE!!
    Fiure it out and FIX IT! We will not continue to pay you this much money for faulty equipment and horrible programming.

  26. IOS7 SUCKS!!! says:

    oh… and yes, iPhone 4S, ios7.0.2, and no wifi capability.
    great job apple…. great job

  27. H says:

    Just got back from Apple’s so called Genius Bar and the assistant just said that the problem was due to a hardware fault, most likely solder coming lose. What a load of bull. My choices were either pay £159 for a replacement handset or walk away. I didn’t like the dudes tone, like £159 is nothing and I should pay it and the problem is resolved. Let’s get this straight Apple, your software has f@cked up my phone and I should pay for a replacement, you can shove it where the sun don’t shine thanks.Worse still, this is the second time this has happened, I had this last year with IOS6 and Apple were happy to replacement my handset back then and it was out of warrenty. It’s beyond a joke. Having read that some of iPad Mini’s are experiencing this issue, if my one ends up the same i’ll take it the Genius Bar and show them my version of FaceTime. As you can tell I am a very unhappy Apple customer right now. If this just keeps happening year after year i’ll jump ship now thanks. Pull yourselves together Apple.

    1. Madeline Sanchez says:

      Dear H. I understand your frustration. The same thing happened to me, only with me after the IOS 7 upgrade, when people call me, they can’t hear me unless I put them on speakerphone. My Siri does not work now either, and there are a couple of other glitches as well. My phone was PERFECTLY fine prior to that upgrade. I have a 4S. My carrier, Verizon punted me over to Apple, and so I went to the Genius Bar and they basically told me that no one has complained about my particular problem so they told me I should upgrade, although of course,(smugly) they understood my frustration. (yeah, right!) I left there pissed off, and also dissapointed in Apple as a company. They are not taking ownership of their screwup. I shouldn’t have to pay for their mistake. I wrote a letter to their corporate office and am waiting to see if they will resove the problem or reply (its been almost two weeks since they received the letter). If they don’t, I will have to take the next step and bring more attention – court and /or media to make light of what they are trying to get away with. People, it’s not okay let Apple dismiss people as if we didn’t matter. You all have to speak up and speak loud!! I can see a real class action lawsuit in the very near future. They don’t seem to care about their loyal customers, so why continue to be loyal to them? They only one that knew their @$$ from their elbow there was the late Steve Jobs. Apple is steadily taking a downward plunge.

      1. Banban says:

        I am agree with you. I have the same problem, I got the phone from AT&T and didn’t realize that was Refurbish phone. I have this phone for only two months and it is not working. At&T and apple would not help me about this matter. I am considering taking action about this.

  28. William Riu Liu says:

    My wife’s iPhone 4S also started having Wifi issues after she upgraded to 7.0.2. We went to the Apple store and the “Genius” first tried to reset the Wifi, then she restored to 7.0.2 after making sure we had a data backup at home, then finally said that we’d have to pay $199 because the phone was out of warranty. She mentioned that this was most likely a hardware issue on the phone that didn’t manifest until iOS 7.0.2 (which I know was a BS excuse). We just left the store and will try another one later.

    What really pisses me off is the fact that Apple doesn’t have a blanket policy on issues such as this, and instead forces its customers to go hunt for a store that actually understands that when an OS upgrade goes awry, the company should replace the phone, regardless of warranty status.

  29. Carlo Cueto says:

    I have this problem and I’m very disappointed and frustrated. I immediately tried the advice that the apple website suggested and it did not work. I then decided to take it to the Apple store. They tried the samething I did and they couldn’t fix it, so they then suggested I get a replacement. They told me it would cost me $200! Why should I pay that much because their update caused a hardware failure? This company is going down hill and fast

  30. Brent-and Chasity Ezell says:

    Just got handed a new 4s because of this problem. Got it home; same problem. : (

  31. Muzklmilly says:

    I am experiencing this exact issue with my 4S. S what are we supposed to do? Is Apple going to reimburse me data charges since I am unable to connect to wifi? This sucks!

  32. Leaning android says:

    I’m having the same wifi issues, the conspiracy theorist in me says a savvy programmer built in a glitch for the 4 s to get rid of them and make the customer pay for the 5 and go home a very rich boy but when he woke up a savvy lawyer due had drawn up class action suit which resulted in so many bites out of the apple that the seeds where showing and Stephen rolled over …… No but seriously folks I just want my phone replaced and stop playing us

  33. sophie says:

    I am having the exact same problems with my iPhone 4s…. i upgraded to IOS 7 about 2 weeks ago and it was working fine until yesterday when the wifi greyed out and it randomly started restarting/freezing and none of the buttons would work to turn it back on. It will also connect me to wifi but in the top left hand corner where it is supposed to say if you are connected to wifi, will just be blank, upgrading to IOS 7 was the WORST mistake!!! never ever had ANY problems before with my iPhone! going to go to the apple store this week and give them what for….

  34. omer says:

    it happend to me as well. don’t know what to do now. some people say its a hardware IC problem

  35. Pinelopi says:

    Hi! I’ve tried everything (but the refridgerator cause my 4s does not heat up) but nothing else works but to close “Find my Phone” from iCloud settings. Then my button turns from gray to active again…but only for half an hour!!! It’s definately a software issue to me

  36. Art Boonklan says:

    I am having the same issue after upgrading to iOS7.02 last night. Never happened before yesterday! I tried everything the site told me to do and still doesn’t work. Luckily I still have the (overpriced) Best Buy Geek Squad Protection plant to fall back on if going to the Genius Bar doesn’t work.

  37. DoneWithiPhone says:

    Yes. About two weeks after the upgrade my wifi greyed out. After this happened I noticed a huge decline in my battery life. Then on top of this, my Bluetooth is spotty at best making my connection to my car stereo and hands free method useless. I went to the Apple store and they informed me that my 4s was 20 days over warranty(just over a year old), sorry. Pay $199 for a new 4s. So now I’m getting charged by AT&T for extra data fees, and having to answer calls manually from my vehicle making it more dangerous for myself and passengers. Overall, it has made all the nice heavily used features on my phone useless and I am paying for it out of pocket. This is Apple’s hardware and software failure and they are not owning up to it. I have been a loyal Apple fan for 13 years with zero problems. This crosses the line. I have done the research and am moving onto the Samsung Galaxy S4. Shame on you Apple.

    1. G says:

      I could not agree more wholeheartedly with what you have said here. I have been a loyal apple client for 10yrs and this is a disgrace.

    2. longshotz says:

      hopefully you didn’t get the S4 yet. it’s battery life is worst than the 4s. i’ll vouch for that. here’s a list that will help you decide:

    3. Here to point out stupidity says:

      Here’s a crazy thought on how dangerous apple is making it for you and your passengers. DON’T ANSWER YOUR PHONE WHILE DRIVING!!!!!! Is a phone call really that important that it can’t wait a few minutes? Geez you sound like an idiot.

      1. mmmm says:

        hay dick face fuck you

      2. jjsinhawaii says:

        yet, you probably text while driving

      3. Here to point out faggots says:

        Here’s a crazy though: don’t go trolling around the internet to pick one sentence out to TRY TO BULLY PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET. Geez you sound like a faggot.

        1. faggotliz says:

          what does a faggot sound like? Didn’t know I sounded any different from you all.

  38. Husseini Zaheed says:

    i’m having the same issue with my iphone 4s and its becoming annoying.

  39. TJY says:

    Having the same problem so I decided to downgrade my phone back to ios6 instead.

    1. Anonymous Guy says:

      How do you downgrade it?

      1. David De Los Santos says:

        Downgrades are only possible if you save your SHSH Blobs prior to updating.

  40. Angela Bailey says:

    Same problem. Nothing wrong with the iPhone 4s, upgraded to ios7 wifi grey. Apple support says not our problem 199$ for replacement because out of warranty. Tried everything that all the sites recommend to no avail. UNHAPPY with apple!!!!!!!

  41. lalone says:

    After update I have no wifi.
    Have sought help from Apple online support but they told me to post the phone to the UK to be repaired as I am away from the UK for 6 months.
    They don’t seem to take the issue seriously as I was told to take posts on the Apple forums about this issue with a ‘grain of salt’.
    In fact when I posted to the Apple forum about this my post was removed.
    I do NOT want to have to mail my phone to the UK, but apparently I cannot get it fixed outside of the country of purchase.
    They have offered to fix it for FREE or REPLACE even thought it is 1 year out of warranty.
    It seems to be all denial, denial, denial from Apple that the update caused any issues.
    I WAS an Apple devotee.

  42. Timluna says:

    iOS 7.0.3 doesn’t fix my Wifi problem. and the battery is still draining at an unacceptable rate.

  43. Frisk says:

    My husbands bluetooth and wifi are not operating after the update to ios 7. Horrible. Not usable for work now without bluetooth access.

  44. Judy says:

    I am also having the same problem with my iPhone 4s. My battery also drains a lot faster too. On top of it all the same thing is happening with my iPad second generation since I downloaded the new ios7 version on that! Has anyone noticed problems with their iPad?

  45. Dan says:

    Luckly, my phone was in warranty, but I had to exchange it for a new one. Crappy update. I’ve seen many Apple employers saying software couldnt cause such hardware failure, disagree them if they say that, ask if they know such thing as drivers and overclock.

  46. Renee says:

    We have 4x ipad 2 in our house. One has upgraded to ios7.0.3 the others still run off 6 something. The updated one is the only one with issues. My daughter can only connect her ipad to the wifi if she is in the same room as the router and if she leaves the room the signal drops significantly, making it impossible to use her ipad anywhere else in the house. I spent an hour last night using online chat apple support, after doing everything they suggested I do to fix the problem, it’s still the same. Finally I was told that’s its probably a hardware problem and I should take it to an apple store, or post it in to be fixed. AND that it will cost a max amount of $279AUD to be fixed, because its out of warranty After reading numerous threads on this exact topic, I have concluded that this is infact an Apple problem and not the ipad itself. I’m now to scared to update the rest of the iPads I case the same thing happens then potentially I could be up for $1000+ just to fix a problem that is not our fault. I’m going into the Apple shop tomorrow to see what load of rubbish they can spin me in defending the iOS update and trying to tell me it’s a hardware problem, but I will definatley not be paying them to fix their problem. I’m pretty sure we will just end up waiting for another update that will actually fix the issue. I have lost all faith in you Apple, you suck!

  47. Rizik, N says:

    2 weeks after downloading the IOS7, my 4s wi-fi button greyed out. Tried all the Apple fixes, none solved the issue. Called them, and their answer for me to pay $200.00??? It is a software problem, and i have to pay the penalty? I am switching to another android, it seems that loyalty to a brand is way over rated.

  48. Rizik, N says:

    I do believe a class action lawsuit should be in order.

  49. PWHumphrey says:

    I don’t understand how Apple is not responsible for the failure of the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on my I Phone 4S. Mine is only 16 months old and unlocked so I paid $650 for it from Apple. I took it back to the Apple Store and they tell me that I have to pay another $199 to get a replacement. But this will be the same phone as the one I already paid $650 for, not a newer version. That means this now outdated phone which may not work correctly again soon will have cost me $850. Is there any country outside the third world where customers are treated so badly?

  50. Hariprasad says:

    I have 3 issues. Core problem is couldn’t enable wifi, it’s greyed out.
    1. I am using ipad 2. After upgrading to iOS7 i couldn’t enable wifi.
    2. I couldn’t view terms and conditions of iCloud as it’s not connected to internet.
    3. Find my iPad option is enabled. Because of this, i couldn’t able to do Restore my iPad.
    Now my iPad is totally waste without connecting to internet. Suggest me if you have any solution please.

  51. JOHNBOY says:

    Apple Support had me run thru a software reset to iOS 7.0.2 to try to fix the issue. I then restored all my data thru iCloud, WiFi then failed again within 3 days.

    I called Apple Support again and this time they suggested that I software reset to iOS 7.0.3. This reset the 4S to factory settings, but this time no WiFi, so I’m without Apps, contacts, everything as I cannot restore from iCloud.

    I called Apple Support again + talked to a supervisor, who refused to accept any fault. I was told that iOS7 “uncovered an already-existing hardware issue” and that Apple were in no way responsible for the issue.

    After 30 mins of discussion, I gave up as the only choice given to me was to pay 211 euros to “fix” the issue. Absolutely the worst customer experience that I have ever had! NO WIFI, NO APPS, NO CONTACTS, NOTHING!!!

    1. JOHNBOY says:

      by the way, Apple have repeatedly removed the above comment when I post it on their forums. Nothing to hide?

  52. Fly Ryde says:

    Issue started a couple days ago. Same exact thing as everyone else has reported. I have yet to contact anyone about this, but can’t spend a ton of time trying a ton of things to do. I reset network settings, and nothing, still grayed out for wifi while bluetooth just spins.

  53. LynnHarrisberger says:

    I installed 7.03 last night for the first time on my iPhone 4S. Wifi is still not working after a Restore (To factory settings) & Restore Backup through iTunes. Called Apple support today and they will expedite the problem with a replacement at no charge since I have Apple Care on this device and am still in warranty. ($99 well spent!) All that’s left to do is schedule a trip to the local Apple Store and get a replacement. Everything else is functioning well. No other problems.

  54. James says:

    Same issue. Only difference is that I just received a free replacement because the noise-canceling mic was in-op. The replacement is more broken than the first. I could have lived without speaker phone and recording video. Nearest Apple Store is 4hrs away. Spent over an hour on the phone, supervisor finally agreed to replace. Went to AT&T store, they suggested installing update from last night (23 Oct), and then sending phone back if WI-Fi is still greyed out. What a farce.

  55. Roger says:

    Exactly the problems as describes above… Help!

  56. lies lies lies says:

    I have an iphone 4s software version 6.1 (10B142) and for no apparent reason my wifi just stopped working. Ok maybe it overheated but coincidentally apples new os was just made available. I bet this is behind it and that heat thing is just a bunch cow bs

  57. Fed up says:

    I am done with apple. There is way too much going on and very little, good information from the company. I am buying a Samsung S4. Stick that in your craw apple. Your stock is in the dump right? Right!!!

  58. Elizabeth says:

    Also have this problem – extremely irritated because I thought wifi was working – used a ton of data for playing music one night, and BOOM. Wifi is in fact not only NOT ON, but it won’t turn on at all! Greyed out. frozen. Tried some ‘fixes’ recommended online, but nothing worked so far… might have to go to Apple, but also feeling pretty apprehensive about what they’ll say (200$ for a new phone with possibly the same problem?)
    Phone is currently sitting in the fridge, cooling off. Maybe I should join it…so ticked off…

  59. chris says:

    My pone is screwed.. My wife is an It Person and has tried everythign. DamnCh

  60. Ginger says:

    My Wi-fi is greeted out after downloading iOS 7. what is the fix?

  61. Eve says:

    If your battery is draining fast then go on you internet and shut down all of your tabs, if that doesnt work lower the brightness of your phone, again if that doesnt work then turn of your location services… They all seemed to work for me

  62. Jyathee says:

    I have but my iPhone a;ready had that problem before the update I just hope this is fixed I’m dissapointed and annoyed by these problems since they’ve been appearing more and more often.

    My regards, Jaythee

  63. Sue Wingate says:

    Yes, I am having the problem also. I called verizon, who referred me to Apple and they led me to another update that did not fix the problem. I am waiting for apple to call me back again.

  64. Veecee says:

    So angry. My wifi has greyed out. No Bluetooth. Battery life insane. Phone so slow. Apple told me I consented to the terms and conditions when I upgraded to iOS 7 so it’s my problem. Never ever will I have another apple product. Disgrace.

  65. Kimberley says:

    I loved my iphone 4s never had a thing to say wrong about it untill ios7 came about! I only got my phone in feb so its still under a year old. Crashes upon crashes, having to turn it on/off up to 10 times a day, my wifi cutting in and out, notifictions either not coming through at all, a couple of days later or coming up and not showing anything. Its so frustating as i need a fully functional phone! think its time to change 🙁

  66. LarryD says:

    Same issue on my iPhone 4s with IOS 7.0.3. My iPad and laptop connect just fine. I tried every fix suggested on this and other message boards. Frustrated. Shouldn’t Apple address this en masse since so many users have the same issue?

  67. Mark Plosser says:

    I haven’t had wifi since I upgraded. Urgh.

  68. lindsay says:

    Same problem. Updated to ios 7 and wifi is greyed out. Have tried it all – reset network settings, reset all settings, full restore, even tried the refrigerator thing. Nothing worked. Bluetooth is intermittent as well. Was hoping that a fix would be part of 7.0.3 but Apple does not seem to want to even acknowledge that it is a problem. It seems almost like a ploy to have their customers get rid of their 4s in favour of a 5. I have been using Apple products for a long time and I feel completely cheated by Apple. Unimpressed.

  69. Aniket Sharma says:

    i just updated my 4s to 7.0.3 , n then the problem started , my wifi grayed out n not to forget the battery drain. seems i am using pc n need to carry a ups all time with myself. I was such a devoted fan of apple but it has lost all its charm n respect . apple dosent seem to care about 4s ppl at all , after all have they not tried and tested io7 on 4s or was it a business strategy to push 4s ppl to buy new apple cos if it was then trust me “apple” you gonna loose customers who followed ur flagship blindly.
    for the first time ” pissed of with apple”

  70. Jess says:

    Yes. No wifi or Bluetooth. Apple is about to lose 4 customers in our household.

  71. amanda says:

    mine is iphone 4s,
    after downloading to ios7, wifi greyed-out
    i can only connect to wifi when i keep my phone in fridge..
    and with that i can connect for only 10 mins
    very dissapointed

  72. khai says:

    My son’s 4S cannot turn on his wifi. without a 4G, the phone is as good as a Nokia call-only phone! I would like to know whether Apple’s engineering team is getting the fix and timeline of the roll out. Frustrating… it is pushing customer like me to S4!

  73. Anonymous Guy says:

    I started having the same problem after updating to iOS 7.0.3, when I try to connect to my wifi it just says that it’s unavailable. The same thing happened to my parents iPhone 4S’s and my dad’s iPad 2. Hope they come up with in an update fixing this issue. Owner of an iPhone 4S.

  74. Dennis says:

    I have a 4s and upgraded to ios7 which for a couple of months worked ok apart from the that the battery seemed to drain quicker. As of yesterday the wifi doesn’t work at all as it cannot even find a single router/modem.

    If I understand from the comments below that Apple will not fund the costs for repair this will def be my last iphone. To think I I was a whisker away from ordering the 5s.

    This is def a case of Apple becomes Microsoft! Too big too arrogant!

  75. rajesh says:

    Hai all i am from India. had been using Iphone 4s for the past one year, it was absolutely fine till i upgraded to IOS 7, after a few days the wi-fi greyed out, and i tried everything thats online. Nothing has come to my rescue. The most surprising thing is Apple sitting silent on this issue. Many people are raisiong the same question but i dont think guys from apple are serious abt customers

  76. carrie says:

    Both my daughter’s 4s and my 5s wont connect to wifi

  77. grammydog says:

    I keep losing my wifi connection! My phone freezes and I can’t txt or place a call. I can receive calls. I have restored my iphone 4s “8” times since I uploaded the IOS 7. The 7.03 is worse. I liked the way the graphics are with the new IOS, but then my phone started acting funny. I’ve had this phone for 2.5 years and have only had one problem. I took it to the Apple store and it was fixed by using my extra warranty I purchased with the phone. Come on Apple fix my phone! I really wanted a gold 5s for Xmas, and now I might have to get the Galaxy. I hate dealing with these problems on a phone that was fantastic before the upgrade/destroyer!

  78. yoririshgirl says:

    Yes, indeed the dreaded no ability to connect to WiFi has happened to me too. Currently I can’t turn the WiFi on. Yesterday, it couldn’t find any of the WiFi networks, either at work or at my home. I have an appointment at the genius bar tomorrow. can’t wait to see what they will say. It should still be under warranty since I replaced my phone at the apple store in March due to a cracked screen. Happened when I updated to ios 7.0.3 last week, and lost ability to connect to WiFi on Friday. Have reset my network settings, turned phone on and off. Not a problem with my modems since my laptop is able to connect to both my home and work WIFI.

    Totally frustrated right now. I got my entire office, one by one, to update to iphone, and I fear now I am going to have to abandon them for a Galaxy. I have ALWAYS LOVED Apple until this weekend. I wasn’t planning on upgrading until my iPhone died. If they don’t do something tomorrow….Galaxy here I come!

    1. Missy says:

      Wondering how u made out. Same exact issue with me and I replaced my phone in march bc if a cracked screen. Apple store I was at said replaced phones only have a 90 day warranty so I would have to pay$199 for new 4s….bullshit!

  79. Babs says:

    So ridiculous- they can’t expect everyone just to purchase a new advice iOS7 can just knock off older devices. Both my iPhone and iPad cannot connect to wifi – I will not be purchasing a new apple device in the future, I’m converted to android I thus is not resolved.

  80. Alex says:

    My wifi was working fine in IOS 6.0.2 for a couple of months then I got the Wifi connectivity problem (Grayed out) after I upgraded my 4S to IOS 7.0.1 my phone was totally unstable with constant lags, so I upgraded the phone to IOS 7.0.2 and it was working great, no lags, no wifi problems AT ALL. MY PROBLEMS WERE SOLVED. Untill yesterday I started to have some lags again and the wifi keeps disconnection. I have tried resting network configuration and I have tried everything suggested by Apple, but nothing worked……. I don’t think it is a hardware problem, because the phone worked just fine for ten days with IOS 7.0.2 without any problems. I think it is a software problem…….Any suggestions???

  81. Australia says:

    Same problem here in Australia. No problem with wifi/bluetooth till shortly after ios 7 upgrade. I want my last ios back! I should send apple a bill for the increased 3g costs since I can no longer obtain wifi and for the complications of no bluetooth whilst driving.

  82. Hevajax says:

    I have the same problem, when I contacted apple I was told it was a hardware problem and that as my phone was out of warranty it would cost £129 for a replacement. The really frustrating thing is my phone is actually only 10months old, it was a new replacement for my previous phone that was also faulty in less than 12 months of purchasing it. Apple continued the warranty from the date of my original purchase, not the date of the replacement. I’m sure in the uk there’s a standard 12 month warranty on new electrical goods???. To add to the frustration, I also spent a small fortune on upgrading my iMac with software updates and RAM to support the latest version iPhone updates….Grrrr!!! I’m prepared to live with it for a short while, I think more pressure needs to be put on Apple to resolve this issue. They need to take responsibility for their product, after all the apple brand isn’t exactly the cheapest on the market…..

  83. Downloaded ios7 a few weeks ago and everything worked fine, updated 7.0.3 a few days ago and my wifi, bluetooth and hotspot functions are now dead. Tried full restore – still have same problems. Booked apt at apple store next tuesday.

  84. bing says:

    Tried to upgrade my iPhone 4s to iOS 7. First problem I encountered before the upgrade took effect, my phone stuck to usb “connect to itunes” logo. I did restoration, and it went successful. I had only use the phone installed with iOS 7.0.3 for less than a week. And unfortunately, I am facing a new problem with it. AN iPHONE 4S INSTALLED WITH iOS 7.0.3 SOFTWARE CANNOT LOCATE WiFi ANYMORE!!! I never had this problem before. My phone was working excellent with the previous software. What the heck is happening with Apple products? I want my phone fix as soon as possible. Apple technical support should take action to resolve this issue immediately!!!

  85. anna says:


  86. Kimberley says:

    I have been having the same problems – greyed out wifi button somtimes it will connect but just disconnects when I try to do anything with it . Also the screen has been freezing a lot to the point where I have to hold the off button and round button at the same time to shut it down . I have had this problem for about 2 months now ! MY 4s is nothing but an expensive clock at the moment ..

  87. Kimberley says:

    We should send a petition to Apple .. this is ridiculous! Any one have any ideas on how to make like a bulk complaint or something ?

    1. Madeline Sanchez says:

      I will look into it.

  88. scott says:

    After I upgraded my 4S my Wi-Fi would not work. I called Apple Support and spent a hour downloading the newest version 7.0.3 and my Wi-Fi still does not work. It is no longer grey and I could turn the button on but it will still not connect to Wi-Fi. Very frustrating.

  89. brandon s. says:

    Nothing but problems with my otherwise bulletproof iphone 4 since the latest ios upgrade, or should i say downgrade! Can not connect to wifi, even in my own house! FIX PLEASE…….. prob jumping ship, not interested in spending even more money for the 5s or whatever, why would you? is this a bug to upgrade phones to a newer model, or a legit issue? Not too interested in finding out. Unhappy.

  90. Flipkitty says:

    After reading others posts, everything I have to say about this problem has been said. I to have been a loyal consumer of apple products. Yet now I find that I too am looking at a galaxy 4, was thinking of new iPad, but instead think I might go back to widows,as my home is running I Mac computer, 2 Mac pro laptops, 3 iPhones, 4 iPods and a iPad. I believe in good customer service and I am very disheartened to find that a upgrade has for the second time caused such problems, I am not willing to give the hard earned dollars I make to such shoddy service or devices. Now my only decision will be wether to
    buy out my contract for my i phone, as I am not paying phone services for something that is broken, change up all home electronics. Or wait just a little longer and see if apple will give some customer service much like the big car dealerships have had to do.

  91. pinelopi says:

    Having read all about…I found some solution: close gamecenter, open iCloud with all options on, restart iphone… the wifi is grayed. Go to iCloud, close FindMyPhone app, open GameCenter and SUDDENLY wifi is on and running…but only for half an hour!!! Then redo the whole process to have wifi active again…. SO, IT IS SOFTWARE ISSUE – not hardware! That’s why we all have those after updating to ios7. When will Apple give us the option to downgrade???????????? I have left feedback

  92. bruno says:

    it dosnt work at all im so pissed gonna buy a fsamsung if it keeps it up peices of shit

  93. Rizwan says:

    it is so flipping annoying .. since i have updated my software , i have so many problems apart from wifi and Bluetooth. sometimes my phone hangs up , even the off button doesn’t work sometime.
    It is so annoying .
    any advice for that what shall i do to get rid off that problem?

  94. IHateAppleFromNowOn says:

    Yup, my iphone 4s’ wifi greyed out after the 7.0.3 update. I tried everything and it is still like that. Very frustrated! I am waiting for apple to come out with new update to see if it’ll fix the wifi. (I doubt it…..but I have no choice)

    1. Madeline Sanchez says:

      It won’t. It just made the problem worse.

  95. eunice says:

    i can no longer used my wifi, i do all the options reset the network setting, reset my phone but still the same. We bought apple product cause we know that it is good as other phones, so fix this problem as soon as possible.

  96. Appleisgoingdownhill says:

    My daughter’s 4s phone is doing the same thing,WiFi is greyed out. Have reset the Network Settings, the phone and the more I search, the more frustrated I get about this issue. Looks like Apple dropped the ball and now doesn’t want to take responsibility for the this.

  97. DH says:

    I just started having wi-fi and bluetooth problems last weekend with the latest ios7 upgrade. I was told to back up everything and do a reset; if that didn’t work it might be a hardware issue. Guess what? It didn’t work!

  98. Australia says:

    Loss of wifi connection for me last 6 months. At first intermittent and then gone completely. Lost my 3G access for a while (my fault no pay bill) and during this time guess what full wifi access. Then when paid bill and 3G back – lost wifi. Apple store bloke all but confirmed my suspicion but didn’t have time to pursue. Back at store today – 3 weeks later and after much waiting told to pay $200 for replacement. My phone is almost out of carrier contract. This is unbelievable. I think I need to involve consumer affairs. What is going on with our connections. Everybody out there – my loss nothing to do with update of OS as I had chosen not to update. Was still running on 5. This evening I have updated to 7.0.3 and guess what initially wifi access, but lost it and got back a few times but after 10 minutes nothing. This is SO DODGY! Oh and I had the grey out loss of wifi twelve months ago and Apple replaced the phone.

  99. TJW says:

    I hate iPhones so much! Had this issue so apple replaced my iphone 4S to a new 4s. Restored my new iphone and updated it and its still happening!!!

  100. Marcelo says:

    se me puso gris la opcion de wifi…como lo soluciono?

  101. Marcelo says:

    como explican arriba se me puso gris la opción wifi y no la puedo habilitar

  102. Marcelo says:

    as explained above I went gray wifi option and I can not enable

  103. Kevin says:

    Exact same problem here. My 4S worked perfectly before the ios 7 update. Now, it can’t connect to wifi and randomly shuts itself off. Can’t believe this can happen with a phone that is barely more than a year old…

  104. Juan Carlos Fernández says:

    Desde que actualicé mi iphone 4s, los problemas son constantes… sino es por el bluetooth es por la Wi-fi…. ahora estoy casi permanentemente “sin servicio”… pero la factura mensual la pago igual…. ¿para cuándo una solución a estos problemas?

  105. Jun says:

    Same problem here. First of all, I was having a heck of time upgrading to iOS 7.0.3. I kept getting upgrade errors using iTunes. Finally, after restoring it back to iOS 6.1. Then upgrading it through the phone to 7.0.3. Now I can’t enable Wi-Fi? I used like Apple products. Right now, I can guarantee you that my next phone won’t be an iPhone. I’m so fed up with Apple.

  106. Jay says:

    Bad Apple! upgrade left me with no Wi-Fi and no Bluetooth, no more apple products for me.

  107. Estel says:

    The same problem here. My phone was totally fine until I upgraded to 7.03…

  108. Mary says:

    I am sooo completely disappointed in Apple that they have caused this problem with an OS upgrade and are not owning it OR resolving it! I can’t even revert to ios6! I NEED WIFI FOR MY WORK! Somebody start a class action suit to deal with this! What a joke…JOBS WOULD BE FURIOUS!

  109. Martin says:

    I have 4s and it was working perfectly with IOS 7.0.1 .As soon as the update 7.0.3 finished the wi-fi is grayed out !

    That is so stupid …paying that amount of money for something that you cant use !

  110. Mary says:

    So I actually fixed my iphone 4s phone whose wifi has been greyed out since updating to ios7. I turned off Settings-Cellular Data(which will then force a wifi only connection) and turned the phone off and back on and Voila the wifi was back and has stayed available after turning back on “Cellular Data” ! hope it helps someone else!

    1. Jay says:

      Hey thanks jus try dat and it worked on mine to

      1. NC says:

        Hey. Can you believe it but that has worked for me! Thanks so much for your help. You are a genius!

    2. Marjorie says:

      Tried it and switches back to 4G before it can complete iCloud back up

  111. mario says:

    IOS 7 SUCKS big time!!! Had my 4s for a year now with the old IOS just fine. Superb I must say, quicker, more responsive with internet and interface, then I decided to upgrade to the “LAME” IOS 7. So the result was : No Wi-Fi ,, Slower response to everything , more battery loss and basically not what they advert(APPLE). The thing is hundred of thousand units have the same problems and it seems the solution is to BUY another handset. EXCUSE ME , but their are more companies that make phones right?? I’ve spend 700 Euros at the time( that’s about 950 U.S.Dollars) for this “smartphone”. Yeah I have had a smartphone before no doubt ,but now is just a problematic phone. I reading that people put their iphones in the fridge FOR GODS SAKE are you mental??? So you gonna have Wi-Fi for what 5-10 min and then again in the freezer for more Wi-Fi time??Good going guys that’s the way!!!
    If somebody has anything solid ( and i mean APPLE) please don’t let your customers go out and buy the new Samsung smartphone or HTC just fix the damn thing that you so polished told us to upgrade. Or just don’t respond and expect everybody to spend 200dollars for the same old shit again and again….

  112. DamnApple says:

    Apple should be punished and everyone should “STOP” buying their shitty stuff. They chose to blame this issue to the broken hardware(that’s the end result caused by “”APPLE””), but not telling us what the root cause is. I can’t believe how contemptible they are. I have called Asia apple care and they told me they didn’t see this issue reported in Asia and they won’t acknowledge any evidence from apple forum or websites. I was pissed and told them that if I paid the stupid fee, can you promise me you refund my fee if the new phone exhibits the same problem after the upgrade? They said they can’t promise that and they can only make another replacement if it happens. WTF. If they are so confident with their damn phone/iOS7, why can’t they promise that? Then I called US apple care. I sent them the link about this problem in apple forum and she told me “I do want to let you know that the likelihood of heat causing the wifi to be grayed out is extremely slim.”. I don’t know if they are all blind or retarded. Even with so many postings, they can still ignore it and educate their staff to talk this BS. I really want to know if this issue happens to their own phone, what would they react??? Believe this BS themselves!~ ? APPLE, please stop wasting our time. I don’t want to try fixing your damn phone myself!!!

    1. Madeline Sanchez says:

      That will be my next step.

  113. DamnApple says:

    Apple should be punished and everyone should “STOP” buying their shitty stuff. They chose to blame this issue to the broken hardware(that’s the end result caused by “”APPLE””), but not telling us what the root cause is. I can’t believe how contemptible they are. I have called Asia apple care and they told me they didn’t see this issue reported in Asia and they won’t acknowledge any evidence from apple forum or websites. I was pissed and told them that if I paid the stupid fee, can you promise me you refund my fee if the new phone exhibits the same problem after the upgrade? They said they can’t promise that and they can only make another replacement if it happens. WTF. If they are so confident with their damn phone/iOS7, why can’t they promise that? Then I called US apple care. I sent them the link about this problem in apple forum and she told me “I do want to let you know that the likelihood of heat causing the wifi to be grayed out is extremely slim.”. I don’t know if they are all blind or retarded. Even with so many postings, they can still ignore it and educate their staff to talk this BS. I really want to know if this issue happens to their own phone, what would they react??? Believe this BS themselves!~ ? APPLE, please stop wasting our time. I don’t want to try fixing your damn phone myself!!! My next step will go for media and force them to speak up!!!!

    1. Charly says:

      Fully agree DamnApple, but how can we inform the whole world of the bad behavior of apple?

  114. Jill says:

    I upgraded but my issues were delayed by about 3 weeks, now no wifi access. I had already had issues with battery being drained, unresponsive screen, and apps just randomly shutting down. Now this?! My 4s is only about 15 months old. I will be at Verizon tomorrow….and leave either with my fixed phone or a non Apple product. Thank goodness I haven’t updated my iPad!

  115. Susan Australia says:

    Both my iphone 4s and my ipad mini now won’t connect to wi-fi. Both at on IOS7.3. Was intermittent at first so I thought it was my dodgy home wifi but now won’t connect at all. At least my ipad mini should still be under warranty but my iphone is 2 years old. If it is a “hardware” issue I’ll be switching to another phone, not purchasing another iphone.

  116. cocopuff says:

    I have been sitting here for a darn half hour to connect to my wifi! I want to throw the damn phone through the window. It worked great. Now it locks up oh and I love this will shut down for no reason. Apple can bite me. Lawsuit sounds fine.

  117. Rob Hartford says:

    We have 3 Iphone4s phones all of which are having connection problems. We are not able to use most of the features on the phones without using are data plan which is very costly if we exceed the limits.

  118. annoyedwithapple says:

    The same exact thing happened to me. Almost immediately after the latest update, my wifi and blue tooth greyed out. When I took it to the apple store, the tech was condescending, told me software doesn’t affect hardware, and that I would have to buy a new phone for $199. When I described the numbers of forums online about this issue, he scoffed at me and again told me it was all a coincidence. They know this problem, or else they wouldn’t always approach the situation with, “You are out of warranty.” He told me that before even diagnosing the problem. Nice cover up, Apple. Now I’m trying to get Verizon to acknowledge the issue, but they don’t want to deal with it either. I may just take that $199, buy out my Verizon contract, and go to another provider and get a better phone and a cheaper contract.

  119. Groover says:

    Since upgrading my 4S to IOS7 no Wifi. Button is greyed out. Very irritating because 3G and GPRS is also as good as unavailable in my neighborhood.

  120. Marvin says:

    i regret i updated my iphone 4s to ios 7.0.4 it sucks!!!! i expected better from apple!!!

  121. Marvin says:

    how to downgrade my iphone 4s back to 6.1.3??? plzzzz help

  122. rean says:

    Apple is not concerned about their customers. They should work out to give a permanent solution to this issue. I just bought my mobile last september and after upgrading to ios7 the wi-fi grayed out. I tried all the suggested solution like reset the settings but it’s only temporary. We paid for a good quality phone. Give us what we deserve..

  123. I'm batman says:

    Me too . It’s beyond a joke it’s not a hardware problem it’s your stupid software update apples bullshit . I used a hair dryer on it and it’s working now as I type this . I have like a Super Nintendo 20 years old still works . There making it out as if ohhh it’s a old phone the 4s when it’s not even that old . fUck you apple

  124. EG says:

    What are the permanent fixes they offer? Im outside US and need to have my handset fixed at the soonest.

  125. Jaime says:

    Yes my Iphone 4s will not connect to my wifi at home, I just updated to IOS7 I have tried everything and checked out the apple support forums and nothing.

  126. AngryBlackMan says:

    I hate apple so much, like I had a Galaxy note 2 and that broke so I got this 4s. And not even a week and the wifi just decides to stop working while im browsing. And the fact that even when its there fault they still want your money… There money hungry selfish uncreative assholes… I Hate Apple I hate this shitty product it never changes you pay more and more money every knew phone for the same fucking phone. Like the iPhone 3 to 4…no difference 4s ok siri 5 the stupid paneramick (however you spell that) camera which is available to 4s to so really no difference…5 to 5s you can use your finger to unlock your phone oh wow! 5 to 5c I fucking different color on the back and most people have cases anyway! Granted with every knew phone the camera slightly gets better and its not that big to pay so much for a new phone even the 2 to 3 was they added a front camera… Apple is bullshit and when people wake up they will fall

  127. Joe says:

    yes me too

  128. Jess says:

    My phone no longer connects to wifi. Can’t even do it manually. Getting charged because I’m going over my data plan usage now! So frustrating!

  129. Jason rogan says:

    Ever since I installed ios7 my wifi on my 4s is grayed out and I it won’t reset. What do I do now as I can’t afford an update

  130. Mark says:

    The same happened with my 4S. I took it to Apple in Lancaster, PA on 11/18/13. They could not fix it so I had to pay $200 for a replacement from them. THREE days later, the same thing happened after updating to the latest iOS as the Apple tech advised me to do when I got home. Coincidentally, the person sitting next to me at Apple was there for the same problem. Apple clearly has a problem with this wifi issue and is failing to own up to it. I think they are misjudging how far their customer loyalty will go.

  131. RON says:

    My iphone 4s has had this issue twice and once it goes to the grey screen, you can’t turn on the wifi and the battery goes down rapidly.

  132. Kim Yulle says:

    I will NEVER EVER have an apple phone again! I depend on my phone for my children getting in touch with me, Apple this is disusting customer service!

  133. Fi says:

    Update greyed out my wifi… Went onto chat with apple they were very helpful and booked me an appointment at my local apple store (50 miles away) to get it replaced as 23 days of warranty left… Got to the apple store… no record of my appointment!! then the guys said they would not exchange it as there was water damage??? dont know when that happened oh yes i do… IT DIDNT! Didnt even offer to try fix it… needless to say I will Never Ever Ever use an apple product again… Liars Cheats and Money Grabbers the lot of them!

  134. michelle says:

    my iphone 4s has all off a sudden stopped letting me use the wifi and also the 3g i cannot even go onto the wifi on the settings. my phone also will not turn off this needs sorted imediatley!!

  135. Jill says:

    I have also lost Wifi access, my phone is only 9 months old, having to have it replaced in February due to it losing the network connection, Apple replaced the phone, and I understood that it would be guaranteed for another year, but when I contacted them today I was told that it wasn’t and that I could buy another phone for £160 , spoke to Vodafone who I am contracted to and as I am only 18 months into a 24 month contract, they could do me a deal, then the Computer went down and when I contacted them tonight guess what the deal was not onthe table! I really like the iPhone but find this situation ridiculous

  136. Scott Colville says:

    The wifi on my moms 4s is greyed out after updating to 7.0.4

  137. Holly says:

    Happened to me today. Very much not happy with the idea of a trip to tha apple store or having to buy a new phone. 🙁

  138. Pandora11 says:

    Same thing here! I used to have wifi…after ios7, no longer! They told me at the Apple store that my phone was the culprit and I’d need to get a new one, I swear to God I got this phone as a replacement phone just last year, so I’m not eligible for an upgrade and I don’t want to pay $200 for the same phone only to have it do the same thing. I looked up how to update apps through iTunes, but still can’t figure that out. Anyone?

    It also still doesn’t solve the data usage issue. Boo!

  139. Mona says:

    After updating a month ago wifi on iphone 4s greyed out. Was unable to do anything. Then I updated via iTunes to ios 7. The situation is now worse. Wifi is greyed out, unable to turn off Find My Friends thru icloud and unable to accept terms & conditions. This sucks because I use this phone for business. I also contacted apple support only to be faced with an impatient rep who hung up on me. When I phoned back I was told by their automated machine I have to purchase something. If this problem is not resolved TODAY I am switching to Samsung (and they can kiss you know what goodbye) and will never agian purchase any apple products. THIS SUCKS!!!!!

  140. Laine says:

    I payed for a shop to fix my wifi and it lasted 9 days then did same thing again so went bk he did it again lasted about 5 days so looks like iPhones in bin and hello samsung galaxy.

  141. Missy says:

    My 4s had absolutely no issues until the very last update when my. Wifi button became greyed. I did everything apple support said to do with no fix. Made an appt at the apple store only to be told I would have to pay $199 for a 4s replacement bc the phone although just replaced for $199 bc I had cracked my screen on a prior 4s in march 2013 was no longer under warranty. Apparently when u replace a phone the warranty is only good for 90 days. This being our 14th apple device ….I was very disappointed in Apple and plan on sending a letter. Apple is way over rated!

  142. Digicomalarms says:

    Yes and I called tech support and the guy had the nerve to say he wasn’t aware of any problem and that because I’m out of warranty I can send it in for repair
    For $200. Is this apples way of pushing people to new hardware. Can anyone say class action lawsuit. At least if he acknowledged the problem but can’t do anything but to flat out lie and say he has a 4s and has no problems and he talks to 4s users all day and no one has mentioned it. BS.

  143. Carl says:

    Same situation. Similar answer from Apple Shop.
    Steve Jobs unfortunately live us and Apple starts losing its way.

  144. gopa kumar says:

    me too have the same problem. My 4s just 14months old doesnot show any Wifi option post this software upgrade and i’ve been asked to shell a fortune by the Apple service center since this is out of warranty..this is absolutely ridiculous. Why should the consumer pay for a software problem created by the company itself…this is not the way Apple is going to get repeat or reference customers!! hope they are watchful of the debacle of the big Nokia!!

    can somebody pls suggest how the phone can be reverted back to old software level and the wifi back..otherwise its just too expensive to maintain this smart phone!!

  145. angel aguilar says:

    tengo el mismo problema que todos al poco tiempo de la instalación ois.7.0.4 se desconecta cada ratos la señal del wifi y no me funciona el bluetooth lo he solucionado por momentos metiendo el iphone al refrigerador. queremos solución tan caros que son para que no funcione al 100 no se vale gracias espero que pronto nos den una solución

  146. Jess says:

    I’m having this problem my wifi was off for days I did all the resets and it came back for a few seconds and went again. A few days after that it turned then off then on. When I use facetime it turns off but that may be heat from reading your article.

  147. Jim K says:

    I am having similar problems with my 4s iPhone. Cannot turn WiFi on. Button remains gray. Bluetooth works sometimes. This all started after adding 7.4 OS.

  148. Diane M says:

    Just had the same issue with my 4s except it wasn’t while I upgraded to ios7. I’d heard of this issue with the io7 upgrade, so I never even upgraded.. Last week my wifi greyed out. It was fine one minute and the next It wasn’t. Took it to the Apple store & the “genius” just glanced at it and without even trying to fix it said it couldn’t be fixed and told me $199 for a new phone or no wifi! I was furious and still am. This clearly is a widespread issue that Apple knows about and I believe a class action lawsuit should be filed, but how do we proceed? I still have my 3G phone & am going to try to swap the SIM card to see if that’s an option, but I don’t have 200 bucks, and then next year more money for an upgrade. I’m disgusted with Apple, have used only their products for years, but this is terrible service.

  149. roneth says:

    what shall i do now that my iphone4s wi-fo turned grey?

  150. ki says:

    My 4S was replaced with a new one after nearly two years of usage. I bought the $99 extended warranty. It was originally replaced for bad battery. I was having intermittently wifi connection issues and today it finally stops allowing me to connect to wifi even after reboot and reset all network ?!?! Very Disappointment with Apple product.

  151. Gm says:

    Yes shortly after upgrading I noticed I didn’t have wi-fi and it won’t let me connect. I upgraded my ipad when the upgrade was first available and it is fine. Everyone warned me not to upgrade!

  152. Asher says:

    happened to me on Ipad2 as well…
    now i cannot use the device at all….

  153. Therap says:

    Hi, I have now had 3 Apple Iphone 4s wi fi fail since the most recent update. Apple have inferred there is a problem however (& this is a the crazy part) it is my problem as I chose to upload the update.
    Service has been very poor and you can see clearly why people are moving to Samsung given the contempt Apple are treating their customers with.

  154. Whyyy says:

    Yeah…. I just had an Internet outage for a few hours in my area. It is fixed now and my iMac and iPad are working.. But my 4S Wifi is greyed out! I reset the network settings but it didn’t do a * thing. Biggest note- I have not upgraded to iOS because of all the complaints, plus it is ugly. So why is this happening??? Forcing 4s owners to pay money they maybe don’t have for a 5? Very irritated right now…

    1. Whyyy says:

      Not upgraded to iOS 7 that is (but you probably got that)

  155. Emil says:

    turning on my wifi and running any app like facebook and games losses my network connection on my iphone 4 ios 7.0.4. In 7.0.3 i did not get this goddam glitch. please fix this apple!

  156. ssr says:


  157. Shannon says:

    hey, since i updated my system on my iphone 4, i have not been able to keep my EE 3G signal on.. it has only happened within 3 days and now its starting to get on my nerves what is causing this to happen and how can i resolve this because i need that mobile signal!!!

  158. Irate USER says:

    Been having wifi issues since I upgraded to IOS 7. I literally have to be with 10-20 feet from the access point to get a connection.

  159. Mimi says:

    I just replaced my scene because I unfortunately broke it but now my wifi is weak and I don’t know what I can do to fix it please help

  160. SherryR says:

    I just fixed my problem of not being able to pick up wifi after upgrading iPhone . I have a router which was installed by Xfinity & with that router comes a password Xfinity gave me when they installed the router. I put that password in on the phone & my home wifi came right on. This password I had written down b/c it was at least 20 characters. It fixed my problem.

  161. cj4961 says:

    We are experiencing problem connecting to wireless only with Iphones since we downloaded the ios7. Been troubleshooting with At&T for 2 weeks.

  162. Ongchen Jimmy Khandu says:

    I was just given an iphone 4s which was updated to IOS 7.0.4 and i couldnt connect over wifi or the connection seems grayed out.I tried every possible ways to fix this but couldnt. sometimes resetting network help to fix it temporarily. Any suggestion?

  163. jhazmine says:

    i suffered this very bad condition 🙁 and i tried everything they ask me to do, but still nothing change 🙁 im tired im chatting to the agent about 8hours but nothing happened 🙁

  164. delyth says:

    I’ve noticed my battery life has gone down since installing ios7 on iPhone 4S now my wifi has greyed out. happened with 9 days of warranty left so hopefully apple will replace the phone, although I am worried a new phone will get the same problem eventually.

  165. mlm says:

    I was thinking about this type of class action lawsuit instead of going after just Apple, why not take it into the direction of not agreeing with the Terms of Agreement. I was reading it and if don’t agree you cant use the phone. but you did agree to the older agreement that does not state that any new software that you use is covered. so really Apple should be held to there own words. not to mention this could affect all application software on how the Terms are stated in software of any manufacture I say lets take this to the top court not just in CA but to the top US courts and world wide,in every place they or any software manufacture is. That should alone get software manufactures to
    1)change the Terms and have a better response to what happens if you don’t agree.
    or 2)cost the entire industry lots of money, and force them to work with the people who Use the products.

    just a shot in the dark that a lawyer reads this and thinks a bit on, and how to make a ton of cash. greed just may help frustrated users at the mercy of the this system of agreeing to something before you even know if you want it or not.

  166. Wayne White says:

    Yes, my iPhone wifi just went Gray on me and I can’t get wifi right now .

  167. Terry says:

    I have two iPhone 4 devices (NOT 4S). As of two days ago they will no longer connect to my home network. Prior to this all was fine. Nothing on my network has changed — other computers can join the network without a problem. I know the problem is not with my router, etc., but obviously is an iPhone issue. I have iOS 7.0.4 installed.

  168. Barry says:

    apple sucks ! no service !

  169. julie says:

    I reluctantly upgraded to the ios7 after I kept loosing all my contacts and was told this would fix it.Well that part was correct but since I have upgraded my phone gets hotter, the battery drains quicker even with no apps open…and the Wi-Fi is greyed out… not happy with the ios7…wish I’d never upgraded to it 🙁

  170. Dick Bolles says:

    I have been a loyal Apple customer since the Mac 128 days, but this iOS 7 on my iPhone is so bad that I am ditching my iPhone for an Android phone. Apple really screwed up on this software and won’t acknowledge it by, say, letting customers switch back to 6, which worked perfectly (for me). I sure miss Steve. This is a terribly-run company now. Tone-deaf. Ignoring complaints.

    My problems? I’ll quote another customer: “The same thing happened to me, only with me after the IOS 7 upgrade, when people call me, they can’t hear me unless I put them on speakerphone. My Siri does not work now either, and there are a couple of other glitches as well. My phone was PERFECTLY fine prior to that upgrade. I have a 4S.”

  171. Colleen Blayney Dzurino says:

    I am having the same problems with my Iphone 4s after updating to 7.0.4. WiFi button grayed out. Bluetooth no longer works, This is obviously an Apple problem, why is there nothing we can do about it? Can’t there be a class action suit? I refuse to pay the $199 for another Apple phone like the one I have, when it has these problems.

  172. Tish says:

    Yes ive had no access to wifi ever since the IOS7 update, i ring vodafone as im on a contract who say it needs to be sent off for repair. Tried resetting all settings and still the wifi is greyed out. I also find the phone doesnt react straight away EG going into contacts isnt instant, takes a few seconds before your able to touch anything. Saw on the net that the chip needs to be replaced, im just putting up with it hoping its fixed in another upgrade. 🙁

  173. Becky says:

    I have had huge problems with my Iphone 4S, its pretty much useless! I have only had it for just over 2 months and upgraded to IOS7 as soon as I bought it. I dont have the original receipt although I do have the original box etc, so cannot get any kind of replacement. Apple, you will go out of business if you don;t start helping people by fixing your mistakes, because I for one will NEVER buy an Apple product ever again!!

  174. Rick says:

    The mic on my wife’s iPhone 4S failed while we were on vacation. Took it to Apple store where they determined the nature of the failure and that the warranty had expired 3 months prior. We paid $200 for a refurbished iPhone 4S. The refurb seemed to be just fine until we received excess cellular data usage charges from our carrier. We found that the iPhone was dropping the wifi signal seemingly at random even when sitting at home so either sending texts or email was consuming our data contract.

    Finally got Apple to agree that this was a problem device and they provided us a replacement 4S ( a brand new unit) at no cost just 4 days before the refurb’s 90 warranty expired..

    Got the new 4s home, connected to iTunes and restored from the most recent backup, updated to iOS 7.0.4 and discovered that we cannot turn on wi-fi at all. The button is grey’d out.

    What gives? Is this iPhone 4S a dog or is it iOS 7.0.4? Why doesn’t Apple just recall the blasted things or patch the OS if that’s the problem?

  175. Shim says:

    Yes. Wifi gone, battery drain is ridiculous, many lags……
    iOS 7 absolutely sucks!

  176. HillbillyFilly says:

    yep mine doing same no wifi, some apps not working, and also wont hotspot, bloody useless!! due for upgrade am going for a Samsung this time sick of iphone only lasting a year then crapping out on me

  177. nina says:

    Yes, I currently had same problem last month. Until now my wi-fi connection is not working. I find my iPhone 4S useless without it, obviously, since almost all apps and features depend on internet connection for free. Problem is, I bought my iPhone 4S in the Philippines and I am in Russia now. Don’t know where to seek assistance regarding my iPhone 4S problem.

  178. railgirl says:

    Not only is my wifi on my 4s greyed out my phone freezes on many different apps. e.g.. like the phone keypad, settings, contacts ect. have to hard restart at least 3 times per day. unfortunately i have no apple store close to me.

  179. Gee says:

    my iphone4s wifi signal is low and it turns off after a few minutes. i checked my Ipad air and everything seems fine. i think there’s something really wrong with my phone. How do i fix this?

  180. jibby says:

    Yes, its totally shit after incidently update ios 7.0.4 damn it!!! I didn’t even use safari for using search engine like to google. IT SUCK!!!

  181. Dongsok Shin says:

    Same problem. Upgrade to iOS7, wifi intermittent, then stopped working altogether. Of course, just after warranty expired so $200+ down the drain.

  182. austin art says:

    i just had a hand load of customers last month with this exact issue that came into my store asking me to fix it. i restored their devices and that did not fix the problem. i averted them to apple where apple then replaced their phones for free.

  183. RhNx says:

    My 4s does not connect to any WiFi since yesterday. That’s after upgrading the new İoS 7.1. What do I do?

  184. cindy says:

    My IPhone 4s is a year old and recently the wifi button has grayed out. The bluetooth connection is constantly searching but not connecting. I tried all of the methods that were suggested to fix this problem including restoring the IPhone completely but problem continues. I went tof the Apple store and was told that I need to purchase a new phone for $199. Do you have any other suggestions?

  185. yuval says:

    I second the motion for a class action lawsuit. The problem is clearly due to the faulty ios version

  186. JohnnyW says:

    This just happened to me today. My phone is 18 months old and otherwise in mint condition. Very annoying!

  187. Gingernutter says:

    familiar story, wifi greyed out, terrible battery life and bizarrely, I cant listen to any podcasts! Apple are completely disinterested as is the company where I purchased it from. I now have a very expensive but crap phone for the next 8 months my contract ends. Samsung have gained a new customer simply because they offer a two year guarantee. They obviously have more faith in their products than apple.

  188. Sue says:

    In December of 2012 we bought 4 I-phone 4-S phones. After the update 7.0 two of the phones were unable to connect to Wi-FI (greyed out button) went to “Genius Bar” both phones replaced and it was stated it has been a common problem. One day before our warranty ended my replacement phone lost connection again (had the replacement phone for 3 months). Again I was told it is a common problem. Now a month after my husband’s warranty expired his phone won’t connect to Wi-FI. That is a total of 4 phones which include a replacement phone. All of these issues are related to either the phone or it’s updates. Shouldn’t Apple be responsible to fix the problem or replace the phone?

  189. jenjen says:

    same issues with iPhone 4s not being able to scan for a wireless network. However my problem began with ios6 and was temporarily resolved when I upgraded to ios7. like others i have tried all options offered by apple. none have worked and I have been told that for $199.00 I can get I new iPhone 4s. I wish apple would just come clean on the issue, because i want to make sure it will not be an issue with other apple products. Steve Jobs wouldn’t have let this be covered up. Poor business practice. apple is going to lose customers.

  190. rrivera16 says:

    Having the same problem, but i don’t know what to do!

  191. Tay Terry says:

    hey i have a quick fix only works while your by the router bull stuff reset router reset iphone network settings then it would work

  192. Tay Terry says:

    any other fixs

  193. nicraff says:

    7.0.4 and the problem persists!

  194. Paula Burton says:

    My ipad has frozen for the third time I have restored it three times and yet its still stuck on the apple logo then the charging logo and cant turn it on and use it i am fed up with apple’s fuck you attitude

  195. sad says:

    Very disappointing that since the upgrade of my iPhone4S the battery life is shorter, can’t use wi-fi or bluetooth, and in general is much, much slower. Not worth the upgrade!

  196. Bryce Hawkins says:

    Since upgrading my 4s looses battery power dramatically. I have contacted Apple both on phone and at the Apple Store. The solutions they offered were useless and a big waste of time. I have been offered no help and am about to pay the penalty to get rid of this piece of junk. It is amazing how loosing Jobs would enable a screw up of this magnitude. If you own stock sell it, and if a class action is started please include me. Thanks

  197. Loren Sanders says:

    Yep same problem…ATT tried to tell me I needed a new phone, Apple told me it was out of Warranty and Comcast sent me back to my cell phone provider…horrible circle of runaround…I do not want to get hit with tons of data charges so I just turned off the cellular data…now sometimes I have wifi and sometimes it just shuts off and the button is greyed out…ridiculous…..I know it is not my phone because I can connect to wifi in other places, just not my home network. This is nuts!

  198. Sarahlouise says:

    i have had a problem connecting to the internet ever since i downloaded IOS7 … had nothing but trouble and it is beginning to annoy me
    what do i do

    1. A Cresswell says:

      Thought I was going crazy, greyed out wifi button and battery life non existent. Run apple products throughout company for 10+ years now, this is is disgrace. Going to book a genius appointment and not going to leave until fixed for FREE!!

  199. Robin says:

    Yes. Both wifi and Bluetooth. And now the phone battery is dying and the phone is eating up my data allowance. This is making me hate iPhones!!!!

  200. Gabby says:

    I use iPhone 4S,I have never turn off my wifi,I woke this morning just to realize my wifi is not on,I tried to go to setting to turn it on but to no avail

  201. Basha says:

    Even I have the same problem with Wifi, if Apple dont update their software to fix this problem, I will never buy Apple again….

  202. Paul Robinson says:

    My wife and I also have the same problem with wifi and bluetooth
    I can turn it on by sliding up the main screen but it still is not on in settings
    I can’t wait until they bring out the new Iphone 6
    If it is still like iphone 4 and 5 I will be changing to Samsung

  203. rv says:

    My wife had same issue. Apple replaced the phone now 3 months later the new phone has the same issue again. It must be much more common than Apple will admit. I doubt she would ever buy another iPhone.

  204. Ricky says:

    Apple fu*ed me up !, My Wifi is grayed …..

  205. Guest says:

    Feel free to post on your FB, Twitter, or other account. It appears that this problem has and will not be resolved unless we publicize the problem.

  206. Guest says:

    Feel free to post on your FB, Twitter, or other account. It appears that this problem has and will not be resolved unless we publicize the problem.

  207. kristinal says:

    Feel free to post on your FB, Twitter, Google+ etc. I am so frustrated. We need to send a message.

  208. kristinal says:

    Please pass this along. I am furious with this so called update.

  209. billy says:

    my iphone 4s doesn’t work any wifi

  210. billy says:

    what shall i do????

  211. Laura says:

    Hi! My Iphone 4S also has a problem with the Wi-Fi. It doesn’t connect with my Wi-Fi at home AT ALL. It doesn’t even pick up the Wi-Fi, nor the ones of my neighbours which I could still see before…. I tried everything, turn off my phone and on again. Restore network settings. I even tried to reset the whole phone which is an even bigger problem because now while restarting, it obviously doenst connect to wifi.. So to continue i need to connect to cellular data (which i cant as i have issues with my contract now..) so I basically have NO phone now.. It sucks a lot.

  212. dblack says:

    i just updated my iPhone 4 and did a backup from iTunes, and now i can’t get past this Wifi sync screen. i doesn’t let me do anything except start over or go to wifi settings or my iTunes backup again. The startup screen keeps giving me the “hello” in multiple languages as if it is a brand new iPhone. ARGH!!!

  213. jjsinhawaii says:

    apple products used to be superior, now they are like everything else….after 7.0.6 update , no wi fi, no bluetooth, etc. very pissed off as this is how i run my life now…screw cellphones, give ma an old fashion pay phone please

  214. Shady says:

    Just happened to me. 2 days ago. Same thing …..after diagnostics, they offered a “brand new” 4S for $199 as well. I asked if I could get one that still has the iOS 6 on it and he said that it would be extremely impossible to find one and eat at the pull out all the phones the check. I’m going to print this very helpful article to see if I can’t squeeze another hundred dollars out of them being it was their product that cost me $200

  215. moose says:

    heads up for everyone: updating to iOS 7.0.6 (which came out yesterday, Feb. 21) fixed my issue in that my wifi now turns on. still doesn’t connect for longer than thirty seconds, but that could very well be a router issue. good luck to you all!

  216. AnnoyedatApple says:

    I had my iphone wifi black out and the phone got really hot, so I took it back to Apple and it was replaced on the spot. Then my replacement was updated and a few months later the wifi on it also blacked out, so I had to pay $200 for a new one. A year on, and now this ‘refurbished’ replacement is now doing the same thing (wifi blacking out). I guess its how Apple forces people into getting a new phone. I hate apple products now, massive waste of money.

  217. stupid iphone! says:

    after upgrading my iPhone 4s yesterday, my wifi suddenly quit working. It doesn’t recognize any wifi at all.

  218. Rex Grizzle says:

    Wifi quit working and can not be turned on. Tried doing the network reset and that did not work. I tcame back on priefly last night as the battery was dying, can’t explain that, but gone again when the battery was recharged. Noticed also that my battery dies very quickly. Wish I had not upgraded to IOS 7.

  219. apple lost a nother user says:

    iphone 4s dropps wifi constantly running up a big data bill.
    tried following
    1. airplane mode on, do not disturb on reset network settings
    2. back up restore
    3 set as new phone
    none work for long 3 mins if lucky calls to apple waste of time
    faulty wifi chip that cant cope with updates
    what worked for 3 days was, use videio back light on till phone dies let cool recharge but that only worked 3 time now nothing
    any ideas would be greatly recieved.
    phone only 14 months old i dont want to pay out again took me a long time to save for this phone selling on not a option as need phone and wghos going to buy a unworking phone.
    never touching another apple after this
    not our problem update screws phone we are constanly being told update. apple should be replacing wifi chips with better quality as phones arnt cheap but parts obviously are that they put in grrrrrrrrrrr

  220. IphoneOrNot says:

    Another dissatisfied 4s customer. I also did their so called update to fall victim. I spoke with Apple tech support. We backed up iphone on itunes and restored and so on to NO avail. Still grayed out button. They keep the “freezer” blogs on their page because that seems to be working for some, but will not admit that they have a problem with the latest update. I went to bed with wifi and bluetooth and woke up with neither working. After the freezer trick all i get is a few seconds of both working and then back to “nothing”. I also have a limited data plan and can not afford to run my data continuously. SIGN ME UP FOR THE CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT.

  221. Julie says:

    My iphone 4S is not allowing me to access WiFi, my phone was working perfectly before I upgraded to IOS7. Followed all intstructuons of reseting and nothing. Now what?

  222. Frustrated says:

    I can’t fucking take it anymore. All my home routers are good and everything else works if my phone switches off of wifi again I’m gonna slice my own throat open I can’t fucking take this shit anymore

  223. annoyed says:

    I have an iPhone 5 and it isn’t picking up wifi at home. It just keeps searching. Sometimes when I think it is connected, I’m pretty sure it isn’t because of how slow it is going (yet it shows I have a full wifi signal). I know it isn’t my wifi because other devices are having no problems.

  224. geoberk says:

    Anybody beside me think this is a class action lawsuit issue?

  225. Deanna Kelley says:

    Yes my wifi has not worked since a little over a month after I purchased my iphone 4s. However, I’m not exactly sure if it was before or after the update to ios 7.

  226. Danny says:

    Hola… Yo tambien tengo el mismo problema con mi iphone 4s, no detecta las redes Wifi y el bluetooth tampoco detecta otros dispositivos o no los vincula… Si alguien sabe como solucionar este problema agradesco sus comentarios.

  227. Viking says:

    My wifi button greyed out…..this was a replacement phone for another 4s that apparently had battery problems or rather IOS7 issues back in Feb. I have done all the suggested options to reset it with no luck….Now why should I pay out of pocket for a new phone again. Bullocks! I have been an apple client for ten years and I am very disappointed with recent events. How annoying is their Genius bar. I have to keep taking off work to get help…..Really not happy with them! #pissedoffappleuser

  228. Peggy says:

    I have had the same issue. However, after the most current upgrade (IOS 7.1), it is no longer “greyed out,” but in the settings, the Wi-Fi says not connected and it won’t open in order to choose a network. I have forced the network reset as Apple suggests, but to no avail….

  229. T SALAHNA says:

    IOS 7.1…Wifi worked for a while, then all of a sudden noticed that it wasn’t connecting at home. Tried to connect manually..voila…..greyed out Wifi and bluetooth.
    Went to Apple store. Explained issue to tech..Was told that I had had the phone for almost a year and a half and that it was a hardware issue. If I had an upgrade to my plan available they would “give” me $199.00 for my 4s and replace it with a 5s. Went to Verizon Wireless store. Checked upgrade status. Nothing available until Aug.6th (It’s April now). Back to Apple store to double-check the facts. Appears I’m SOL until Aug.I even threw out the “maybe I’ll have to switch to an Android” . Mentioned that my 2 sons both had Samsung..The arrogent tech says “they’ll be back…guaranteed”.Not with customer service like this. My first, and ONLY iphone. Give me a Samsung.

  230. mmama says:

    here is my recent conversation with 2 different apple reps….this is AFTER i talked to 2 other reps on the phone and was told by the first one that i absolutely would not be charged to fix this issue because it was directly caused by the ios7 update….Im thinking may class action?

    Thanks for contacting AppleCare chat support. My name is Stacey. Please give me a moment to look over your information.

    Hi, xxxxxx! Your case number is xxxxxxxx. How are you today?

    after the updating my iPhone, it no longer recognizes wifi and will not connect. i was told during a phone call a few minutes ago that you guys would accept responsibility and take care of it for no fee because it is due to update

    while speaking with the rep he suggested i attempt to connect via my service carrier (data charges) to make sure what kind of issue it was. i had to end the call to do so….the phone will connect via att but there is no wifi

    Certainly sorry to hear that you are having some trouble with the iPhone after the update . I’m more than happy to help you with that today to get this worked out for you Mercy.

    can i possibly just get a new phone for no fee? i have been trying to take care of this for months….i have already lost everything on my phone due to attempts to restore and set up as new etc

    hang on pls brb

    Your iPhone is no longer under warranty. We can service the iPhone but there will be a fee to get it fixed.

    Are you still there?

    We have not heard from you for some time. Do you wish to continue to chat?

    sorry about that…4 kids lol

    Oh Ok. Thats ok. I am still here

    i know there isn’t a warranty….however this happened due to apples update….the rep on the phone told me apple will not charge me to take care of the problem because it is due to apple update

    I’ve been through this already

    i did nothing wrong….except have faith in your company and its products

    Can you tell me if the wifi is greyed out or is it not connecting to wifi?

    my phone was fine….i updated it when i was told to….after the update the phone would no longer connect to wifi…this is apples fault….i do not think i should have to pay for the phone to be repaired due to an issue with your update

    greyed out

    Thanks for the information!

    Please give me a few minutes to research this and review the notes from the previous case.

    its grey in the control center….but in settings, it won’t allow you to swipe the tab to turn it on…..its like its just dead space

    thank you.., i certainly appreciate that and i apologize if I’m coming off as rude….i don’t mean to be….im just incredibly frustrated about this whole situation

    Thanks for your patience! Just a little longer.

    thank you

    Thanks xxxxx for your patience! I have a senior advisor, Ricky that I have explained the issue to. He is going to take over the chat with you.


    Your welcome!! Have a great night. I will transfer you over now.

    You are now being connected to another Advisor. Please standby.

    Now Chatting with Ricky

    Thanks for contacting AppleCare chat support. My name is Ricky. Please give me a moment to look over your information.

    ok you have a great night also

    Hi xxxxx. How are you tonight.

    I’m good..quite frustrated…but good…how bout yourself?

    Oh no! Sorry to hear that you’re frustrated. I’m ok so far, thank you!

    So, I understand you’re having an issue with the wifi on your iPhone being greyed out, is that correct?

    idk what kind of notes you guys keep on these types of things of i have made a few phone calls and explained this issue several times….have attempted many things to try and resolve the issue and nothing is working….ive been told because my phone is no longer under warranty that i have to pay to have it fixed….however, the first rep i spoke with on the phone tonight said absolutely not because this issue was directly caused by apple update….i really just want a phone that works properly….ive already lost everything i had on the phone which any iPhone user would agree is pretty much your whole life…..idc if i have to take it to have it fixed, if you guys give me another phone..,. whatever it may be….i just really need to take care of this and i don’t believe i should be charged for this….certainly you understand my position?

    I can certainly understand where you’re coming from.

    We can certainly get you set up with service for your iPhone, but there would be a fee for the service. At this point your iPhone is almost a year out of warranty so we would not be able to cover the repair for free. I’m really sorry about that.

    are you serious?

    do you think I’m the only one?

    do you guys even read your website? many many customers having same issue

    this was not my wrong doing

    this was directly caused by apple

    and you want to charge me?

    i was assured over the phone just a little while ago that there will be no charge because this was directly caused by apple

    I apologize if you feel that it was caused by us here at Apple, but I can assure you that’s not the case. I understand that it happened to you just after updating your software, but this isn’t something that’s caused by a software update. When the wifi is greyed out, that means there’s a hardware issue with wifi radio in your iPhone.

    i have been a loyal customer since 2008…..have purchased many iPhones, iPods, iPod touches, iPads, macs…..and you’re going to tell me i have to pay to have my phone which btw worked perfectly before apple issued the update…..

    If that’s what the phone advisor told you, I’m really sorry, but you were misinformed. Your iPhone is too far out of warranty for us to cover a hardware issue.

    so….coincidentally, millions of other iPhone users suddenly had hardware issues after loading your update?

    lets get real here….come on?

    As I said, the issue with your phone was not caused by the software update. It’s hardware issue that will require service to resolve. If you’re interested in setting up setting service, I’d be glad to get you started, however there will be a fee for that service. This is not something that we would be able to cover for free. I’m really sorry about that.

    again….i ask you…coincidentally, millions of other iPhone users suddenly had hardware issues after loading your update?

    We’ve got millions of devices out there, around the world. There may be a small percentage of users experiencing the same issue, however there are many many millions more that are not having any issues what-so-ever.

    you guys are unbelievable….this is beyond ridiculous….apple needs to step up to the plate and admit they screwed up….causing millions of apple customers money….many i know have stopped using your products all together because of this… really needs to accept responsibility and admit they were wrong and make good on this for their loyal customers

    If there was something in the software update that caused this, I can assure you that we’d take responsibility. But as I have already said, it isn’t caused by a software problem. It’s a hardware issue.

    i agree…my daughter and my husband had no issue at all….my other daughter lost all her photos and contacts…she still has wifi…..but she still suffered the loss of her photos….is that due to a hardware issue too?

    ok…i just want to be clear on this one more time….youre telling me that millions of apple cutomers downloaded the ios7 update….after the update, they had issues….many of those issues were no more wifi…..and you sir, along with your company…Apple…., are telling me that this is all a coincidence and all these customers who had no problems before the update, just have hardware issues? and it has nothing to do with the update? is that in fact what you are telling me?

    I’m not sure what to say about your daughter’s phone. That’s definitely not a good situation. We don’t like to hear that any of our customers lost data. It’s important stuff. I’d be devastated if I lost my data. The good news is that we offer multiple options to backup the data on your phone. That way, in the rare case that data gets erased from the phone somehow, it’s stored elsewhere so that you don’t lose it.

    Yes xxxxxx, that is what I’m telling you. We’ve studied the issue and determined that in each case, it is due to a software issue.

    Sorry, a hardware issue.

    There’s a good chance that your wifi was already going bad before you did the update.

    But when the iPhone self tested itself, it determined there was an issue with the wifi chip, so now it appears greyed out in the Settings app.

    ok…so its a hardware issue? thats what you said at first…I’ve noticed you said software several times and now have corrected yourself…..which is it? hardware or software?

    I said hardware. I made one mistake. I apologize for that.

    thats the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard

    ummmm….no….thats not the issue…sorry

    its greyed out in the control center…not in settings

    We can keep going back and forth on this, but I’ve already explained it to you several times. I’m very sorry about this. It’s definitely not a good situation. I wouldn’t be happy either if the same thing happened to my phone, but I’d be subject to the same rules. Your iPhone is just too far out of warranty for us to cover a hardware issue at this point.

    If your interested in setting up service, we can get you started with that, but you would be subject to the $199 service fee (plus any applicable taxes).

    ok….so it doesn’t matter if its greyed out in control center or settings? just the fact that its greyed out means theres a hardware issue?

    That’s what I’m telling you.

    Either way, wifi still isn’t turning on. It can be greyed out in either place.

    ok…tyvm for your assistance…i will have to continue this battle elsewhere….i REFUSE to pay to have this repaired….apple is making a huge mistake by doing this to their customers…..i will have to continue this battle elsewhere….i certainly appreciate your time and assistance….you have a wonderful night sir

    Apple may record and retain the following conversation for quality control and training purposes.

    End Chat

  231. Payam says:

    yes I use iphone 4s and about one week after the update iOS 7.0.2 my phone can’t recognise any network

  232. dee says:

    My iphone 4 has not been connecting to any wifi since the beginning of last week unless I am in the same room as the modem, any solutions ?

  233. fix it!!!! says:

    Same probelm here. Apple fucked up a lot. They could lose a lot of apple lovers, including me and I am fucking loving iPhone. Fix this immediately apple.

  234. Frustrated beyond tears says:

    This is the SECOND time this has happened to me on a DIFFERENT iPhone 4S. I stupidly opted for a replacement of my last phone, which if I had known would crap out again then obviously I would have said no! So fuck you apple if you day this is just a “coincidence”. There are so many posts online about this problem from you’re customers. Start doing something or else you’re going to lose a lot of your credibility.

  235. hate apple says:

    Yup did an upgrade and the Wi-Fi is now greyed out. I’ve tried everything! Including resets and heating/freezing

  236. Kandi says:

    My iphone 4s worked fine up until i upgraded my software a few days ago to version 7.1.2 and now my wi-fi is greyed out and I cannot turn it on and even though my cellular data is turned on it has told me on a few attempts that it cannot detect cellular data network…it also lags now when going into settings or into other apps I cannot get it to connect to anything most of the time…there are probably other features that aren’t working as well but have not really tested them all…have tried everything possible to fix this issue but have had no success…wish i knew how to downgrade it to a previous ios version because I am not paying money to fix something that Apple has caused

  237. Agustin says:

    Yes. I loose the wifi signal and go to 3D. When I go to settings I should select again the wifi…

  238. Bill Major says:

    I am a Realtor and I cannot get my iPhone 4 S Bluetooth to work on the super ekey.

  239. Micki Hoffman says:

    Same thing happened to me but it was when it updated to 8.1.2! Dont know what to do because this is a 4S and would no longer be under warranty. That; is nt fair either because it was Apples update version that caused this problem long after I bought the phone. What a great scam that would be, huh? Apple hides a glitch like this to force people to buy a new phone even though theirs WAS working fine… until it’s warranty ran out!

  240. samdavid says:

    since i upgrade to ios 8 my greyed out, what do i do to reinstalled it back?

  241. Rinson Rimal says:

    when i was updating Ios 7.1 my wifi cheap turn into dead.then i show my cell to many nearest mobile service center but they charged me high rate with which i can by a better smart phone so till now i havent maintain it…what should i have to do for maintaining mine iphone 4s wifi cheap dead.

  242. Elly Grimmett says:

    I just update my iPad and IPhone 4s and now both of them are playing up. It freezes all the time and wifi is not working as it should and FB is up shit creek without a paddle. Why do they makes us update our devises with all these problems. We should have a revert back to old update on our devices. Crap crap crap.

  243. Mike says:

    it just happend to my wifes phone also i just finished updating the latest from itunes and did not fix the issue
    did there update just render my phone useless ?
    did they break my perfectly running iphone 4s for ever ?
    will i have to spend my time communicating chasing for resolve because of there update?

    goodbye Apple , hello Android , sorry Steve,

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