iOS 7 iMessage Failures Reported by Users, But a Simple Procedure Could be the Fix

Posted in Apple, Apple News, iOS on 01/10/2013 by Chris Hauk


Multiple posts on Apple’s Support Communities page tell a tale of woe for some who have recently upgraded to iOS 7, as they are experiencing issues with iMessage. It appears thought that the problem can be solved, at the very least temporarily, via a simple software reset.



A number of Apple’s Support Communities users have reported an apparent iMessage bug that is causing messages to go unsent, unreceived or sent as a text on a variety of iPhones models running iOS 7. Others complain that iMessages are not being converted to SMS texts, as would be the case if Apple’s servers were down, and are simply not being sent.

While reports about the issue date back to September 18th, the day of iOS 7’s release, the reports have only increased in number following the recent iOS 7.0.2 update that was released last week.

Some users are finding success with a solution posted in the Support Communities. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Disable iMessage in Settings -> Messages
  2. Reset the iPhone’s Network Settings under Settings -> General -> Reset
  3. Then reenable iMessage.

The method was also reported to be successful by MacRumors on Monday.

It is not known how widespread the issue is, however my iPhone 5s doesn’t seem to be affected by the issue, while my wife, who has an iPhone 5 and updated to iOS 7.0.2, did experience problems sending messages, and the reset seems to have solved her problem.


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