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Two Years Without Steve: How Apple Has Performed in the Tim Cook Era (Infographic)

Two Years Without Steve: How Apple Has Performed in the Tim Cook Era (Infographic)

It has been barely over two years since beloved Apple co-founder Steve Jobs passed away, leaving the company in the hands of Tim Cook. While many were concerned that Apple would not function well without Jobs, the facts surrounding Apple’s performance over the past two years tell a very different story.

We’ve teamed up with WhoIsHostingThis to put together a visual illustration of the fact that, despite the doomsday prophecies of many analysts and pundits, Apple has not, in fact, dwindled into nothingness in the absence of Steve Jobs. In fact, quite the opposite. Take a look below!

2 Years Without Steve Infographic

  1. Jack Langowski says:

    First, in the Share Price panel under Steve Jobs, there seems to be some confusion between revenue and profit. It shows a $1B loss (net profit) as a dramatic dip in revenue. I’m pretty sure that Apple wasn’t paying people to use their products, which is what would have to happen for revenue to go negative. And why not show the stock price performance on the Tim Cook graph? The description states that it is higher than when Steve died, but why leave it off? Sure it’s a shorter time frame and fluctuations will appear exaggerated, but pick another metric if you’re trying to pump up Tim.

    Second, in the Customer Wars panel, the OS graph compares Apple to Samsung where the comparison, as the icons suggest, should be with Android. In fact, if you were comparing device market share, Apple would compare more favorably to Samsung than this graph suggests.

    Third, in the How Much for Coffee? panel, it’s an unfair comparison since you can never determine what someone might have paid for an hour with Steve, though I suspect it would have been more.

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