Windows Users Love to Buy Apple Products

Windows Users Love to Buy Apple Products

New research by Morgan Stanley shows that two out of every three Windows computer owners also purchase Apple products. The number of Windows users who have purchased an Apple product has grown from 30% of Apple’s customer base in 2010, all the way to an impressive 70% in 2013.



While the graph doesn’t explain what kind of Apple devices Windows users own, it’s obviously likely that many of them purchased a mobile device such as an iPod, iPhone or iPad, considering that Apple’s iOS devices have become very popular in the last few years.

Apple’s mobile devices interface with the Microsoft Windows platform via Apple’s iTunes app, which most likely contributes greatly to Apple’s device marketshare among Windows users.

I myself am a good example of Apple’s “halo effect.” While a Windows user, I purchased an iPod Classic in 2007, and experienced its ease of use. I then began to think, “If their media players are so easy to use, I wonder what their computers are like?” A few trips to the local Apple Store – and one well-timed bonus check later – and I am a happy Mac user to this day.