Apple Partner Pegatron Sees Earnings Grow 22%

Apple Partner Pegatron Sees Earnings Grow 22%

Apple assembly partner Pegatron – who handles assembly for both the iPad mini and the iPhone 5c – saw its earnings grow 22% in the fourth quarter.


AppleInsider notes this could signal strong sales of both Apple devices.

The company revealed on Monday that its earnings for the quarter were driven by mobile devices, such as the iPhone 5c and the iPad mini. However, Pegatron officials did not comment specifically on Apple products.

KGI Securities estimates that the company’s assembly agreements with Apple now account for more than 40% of Pegatron’s revenue.

While Foxconn continues to be Apple’s primary assembly partner, Pegatron has nudged its way up to the feeding trough, and has become the chief assembler of the iPad mini and iPhone 5c.

Pegatron noted that it expects sequential shipments of such devices as smartphones, tablets, and game consoles to fall between 15-20% in the first quarter, but those losses are termed as seasonal.

Recent rumors have suggested Pegatron will take on an even larger role in Apple’s assembly chain, as it will reportedly begin assembling the “iPhone 6” later this year.