How To Setup a Geofenced Reminder on Your iOS Device

How To Setup a Geofenced Reminder on Your iOS Device

Have you ever had an appointment with a doctor or other professional, and you know there are some questions you want to ask them, but your memory isn’t what it should be? How about those items you need to pick up at the store. You always forget one or two things, don’t you?


Here’s how to setup a geofenced reminder in your iOS device’s Reminders app, and have it remind you of things when you get close to your destination.

First, let’s explain what a geofence is. A geofence is a virtual boundary for a real-life geographical location. For example, this could be a radius around a store or school.

In this “how-to”, we’re going to setup a geofenced reminder that will alert you when you cross the virtual boundary for the location you set.

I’ll admit, I’m the guy that goes to the store with 7 things in mind to buy, and only comes home with 4 or 5 of them. So, let’s set up a geofenced reminder for my local Kroger’s, which will include a list of the items I need from the store.

1.) Open the Reminders app and create a new reminder. Now, let’s tap the information button on the right hand of the reminder, and we’ll add the needed information for our reminder. (Don’t forget the milk!)


2.) Turn on the option for “Remind me at a location.” Do this by tapping the toggle switch for this option. It will turn green to indicate that it is enabled.


3.) Tap the location button, as shown above, and search for the desired location. In this case, we’re looking for our local Kroger’s supermarket.


4.) When you find the desired location, tap it to select it. You should now see a map with a perimeter around it. Make sure to select “When I arrive,” so your reminder will alert you as soon as you’re near your destination.


5.) Tap the “Details” button at the top of the screen to return to you reminder’s details screen. We have now set the geofenced reminder for the Kroger’s store.

6.) Now tap “List” to enter what you need from the grocery store. (If this was for a Doctor’s appointment, you could list the things you wanted to ask him.)


7.) Tap “Done,” and the new reminder will appear in your reminders list, ready to notify you when you are near the designated location. When you arrive, and are safely out of your car, tap the notification, and view the list you prepared for the items you needed from the grocery store.

8.) Return home, and fish for compliments from your significant other for remembering all the items on the grocery list.

MacTrast would like to thank readerĀ Rev. Ian MacGregor for his helpful tip about geofencing and reminders.

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