MacTrast Deals: ChargeCard: The Credit Card-Sized Lightning Cable for Your iPhone 5/5c/5s

Posted in Accessories, Deals, iPad, iPhone on 09/05/2014 by Chris Hauk


UGH! carrying around a lightning charge/sync cable for my iPhone 5s is, at best, inconvenient. I either lose it in the bottom of my backpack, or it gets tangled with other stuff in there, or I just lose the damn thing. But now there’s a better way. If you carry a wallet or purse, you’ve got a place to keep the ChargeCard: The credit card-sized lightning cable for your iPhone 5/5c/5s.


Buy the ChargeCard now from MacTrast Deals – Just $24.99 w/free shipping.

ChargeCard is an iPhone lightning cable, in the shape of a credit card. It’s designed to fit into your wallet or purse, so you’ll always have a charging/sync cable on hand.

Because the ChargeCard sits in your wallet or purse, you’ll likely never forget it.


ChargeCard can charge your device from any USB port, it even works for your iPad and iPad Mini.


  • The world’s thinnest USB phone cable
  • The thickness of 2.5 credit cards
  • Always have a cable on you, slide it nicely into your wallet
  • Charge and Sync your lightning devices


Buy the ChargeCard now from MacTrast Deals – Just $24.99 w/free shipping.

Please note: Only available to customers in the continental United States. If an Android phone (Micro USB) is what you’re working with CLICK HERE.


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