Review: dockStubz – Leave Your Case on When You Dock Your iPhone

Review: dockStubz – Leave Your Case on When You Dock Your iPhone

I don’t normally use a highly protective case such as an OtterBox for my iPhone 5s. My day-to-day usage doesn’t really put my precious in much peril, and I never really cared for the added bulk. Besides, it was always a pain in the butt to dock the phone to charge it overnight on any of the numerous dock stands I’ve collected over the years.

I did recently put my iPhone 5s in a ultra-protective case because I was given the opportunity to try out the dockStubz from CableJive. dockStubz is a Lightning pass-through connector that extends the male Lightning connector on your dock so that it will comfortably fit through your case, and into your iPhone. So, I placed my iPhone in a thick-ass case, and proceeded to give dockStubz a try.



The dockStubz is a small adapter for your audio dock or charge station so you can dock your iPhone 5/5s/5c with your case on, no matter where you dock. The dockStubz is designed to reach inside protective cases like are available from Lifeproof or OtterBox, and it works with numerous models of audio docks and charge stations. A height adjuster is also included in the box for use with thinner, bumper-style cases.

The dock I use works with both my iPhone 5s and iPad Air. I keep the dock on my night stand so I can both charge my devices and use them as an alarm clock. I found that when using an OtterBox Preserver Series waterproof case on my iPhone, I couldn’t connect to the dock. The connector on the dock wasn’t designed to work with thick cases.


So, I slid the dockStubz Lightning pass-through adapter onto the dock, and then slid my iPhone, still in the case, onto the dockStubz adapter. BANG! Instant connection, and my iPhone was charging.

I also have a few Lightning cables from third-party manufacturers, that while being MFi certified, are a bit thicker on the connector housing than OEM cables. When I had the OtterBox on my iPhone, I couldn’t use these cables. The dockStubz allowed me to use the third-party cables.



If you use a case on your iPhone, and find it a pain to put your iPhone on a dock, or have trouble using third-party cables due to their thickness, the dockStubz solution bears investigating. Although it seems a little high priced at $18.95, it could prove invaluable if you’re experiencing issues with your dock and iPhone case.

I found the dockStubz to perform exactly as advertised, and is a simple solution for iPhone users who are plagued by the thick case blues.

Rating: 4.0/5.0[rating:4.0]

Price: $18.95 – Available at the Cablejive website, and


  • Easy to use.
  • Works as advertised.
  • A perfect solution for a common problem.
  • Although the dockStubz isn’t “Made for iPhone” certified, I never ran into any “unapproved” messages popping up on my iPhone when using the adapter.


  • The price seems a bit high.
  • Another thing to keep track of.