Jawbone Launches New HealthKit-Connected Up App for the iPhone

Jawbone Launches New HealthKit-Connected Up App for the iPhone

Jawbone has released a new Up app for the iPhone. The new HealthKit-connected app tracks a user’s food intake and physical activity, and then delivers advice to the user based on the data.


From the Up App Store Page:

– UP/ UP24 wristband not required.
– Connect UP to Apple’s Health app to provide richer activity tracking and personalized insights.
– Get personalized insights to help you set & achieve your goals
– Log your food & drink & track nutritional info
– Track your physical activity and get more fit
– Log workouts, from yoga and hiking to tennis and dance
– Log your sleep
– Team up with friends in the app for encouragement and friendly competition
– Today I Will – UP suggests personalized goals. If you accept, UP encourages you along the way
– Streaks & Milestones – Get notifications that celebrate the progress you’re making
– Activity alerts – Receive move notifications when you want them.
– Share UP’s Insights via email, message, Facebook or Twitter

The new Up app is separate from Jawbone’s other Up app, and doesn’t require the use of the company’s fitness tracker devices. The app can also share data with other HealthKit enabled apps.

Up examines meal data logged during the day, and then makes nutritional suggestions based on that data. Data from workouts is also collected and can then be used to help set fitness goals. Users can also log their sleep using the Up app, allowing the data to be analyzed and used to provide advice on sleep adjustments.

The app also includes social media capabilities, allowing you share Up-based info and achievements via Facebook, Twitter, email and messaging.

Up by Jawbone is available FREE for the iPhone in the App Store. [DIRECT LINK]