Square to Begin Supporting Apple Pay in 2015

Square to Begin Supporting Apple Pay in 2015

Payments service Square will begin supporting Apple Pay in 2015. Square founder Jack Dorsey told CNN that his company will be bringing Apple Pay to small business owners in the coming months.



Dorsey reiterates his opinion that he does not view Apple Pay as a competitor and wants to add the mobile payments service as an available option for Square users.

“We’re not building a credit card. We’re not building a payment device. We’re building a [cash] register, and this register accepts all these forms of payments,” Dorsey told CNN in an interview.

While the existing Square Reader can process credit card payments via an iPad or iPhone, the hardware isn’t equipped to handle Apple Pay. Square will need to introduce all new hardware with NFC connectivity built-in.

Apple Pay debuted in October alongside iOS 8.1. Apple CEO Tim Cook said earlier this month that over one million users had activated credit cards with Apple Pay in the first 72 hours following its launch.

The list of merchants offering Apple Pay also continues to grow, with southeastern grocery chains Winn-Dixie and BI-LO, and office supplies superstore Staples offering the payment option to their customers as of late last week.