App of the Week: Blob Climber – Another Crazy Addicting iOS Game

App of the Week: Blob Climber – Another Crazy Addicting iOS Game

The App Store is home to literally thousands of games, yet the ones that seem to reach mass appeal are always the fun, somewhat mindless, yet ridiculously challenging, often addicting games. Blob Climber is one of those games, and is a great one to play while killing some time during your travels this holiday season.


Whether you’re stuck in a car, on a plan, or on that chair at Grandma’s house that smells like old soup and 1972, Blob Climber (Free in the App Store) is a great way to pass a little time and challenge your mind at the same time. Using jumps and slings, you move your green blob up a maze of various obstacles, in an attempt to free him (her? it?) from the depths of the odd volcano laboratory you’re stuck in.

blob1 blob2

Graphics for Blob Climber are nothing to write home about, but that doesn’t make the game any less entertaining. I found playing on the iPhone to feel a little cramped (even on my iPhone 6), but on an iPad, there was plenty of space to enjoy slinging myself from platform to platform or jumping from ledge to wall as I maneuvered various levels.

One great thing about Blob Climber is that it can be a great fit for most ages, as it encourages users to use some basic problem solving skills to make each move as they navigate their way up the level. Parents looking for something to occupy a restless 8-year-old or frustrated pre-teen in the car could certainly benefit from loading this on a device to offer a fun, silly, challenging distraction. For me, it offered a great distraction to help me refocus while working on a project for work, and is entertaining enough that it could offer an hour or more of compelling gameplay.

If you’re into these silly games, or know someone who might need a little mental distraction during your holiday travels and festivities, Blob Climber is definitely worth checking out! Pick it up in the App Store!

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