Review: Stand by Nomad – A Simple Apple Watch Stand

Review: Stand by Nomad – A Simple Apple Watch Stand

Apple makes some gorgeous products. There is no arguing that. But with the release of the Apple Watch, they’ve entered a new level of gorgeous product, which is meant to be seen. Apple has provided a charger that elevates the watch slightly (and at WWDC 2015, showed another way it can be positioned while it charges). For those that want a more elegant way to charge their Apple Watch, there are various stands on the market, as well. One such example is the Stand by Nomad.

Apple Watch Stands


The Stand for Apple Watch by Nomad ($69.95 at is a gorgeous stand, with a simple design, clever cable management, and great look. Available in 2 colors (silver and space gray), there is an option to match whichever device you choose. Check out the video below to see the stand and how it works.

Verdict: [rating: 4]

The Stand for Apple Watch is elegant and simple, and requires no 3rd party cables or adapters to work. It offers a singular viewing angle, and blends in nicely on a desk or nightstand for charging whenever you need. The base of the Stand is solid and heavy, so there is no fear of tipping, and the channel for the charging cable is perfectly fit for holding it snugly in place.


  • Simple Design
  • Great material quality
  • Easy to position cable


  • Stand isn’t adjustable
  • Expensive (compared to some other Apple Watch stands)

If you’re looking for a simple way to display and charge your Apple Watch, check out the Stand, over at