Blurry Photo Alleges to Show iPhone 6s Plus Box

Blurry Photo Alleges to Show iPhone 6s Plus Box

A new report boasts a photo of what is allegedly the packaging for the upcoming iPhone 6 Plus handset from Apple. The photo – blurry as it may be – depicts a white box, with an iPhone 6s Plus depicted on the top, sporting a wallpaper of a black and gold fish.


The photo was published by cnBeta [Google Translate] (via Macotakara [Google Translate]). The unfolded box, also depicts a gold Apple logo on the bottom, and “iPhone 6s Plus” is printed on the side.

As well as the blurry photo, the cnBeta report says the battery capacities of the iPhone 6s will be reduced, down to 1715 mAh from the iPhone 6’s 1800 mAh, while the iPhone 6s Plus will be 2750 mAh, down from the iPhone 6 Plus’ 2910 mAh. The report does jibe with earlier reports that the battery capacity for both phones would be reduced this go round.

As always, all photos, (blurry, or otherwise), and reports about unannounced products such as the upcoming iPhones should be taken with a grain of your favorite low-sodium salt substitute, and are presented for entertainment purposes only.

(Via MacRumors)