Photos Said to Show Official Apple Watch Charging Dock (UPDATED)

Photos Said to Show Official Apple Watch Charging Dock (UPDATED)

New photos, found by French site iGeneration [Google Translate], allegedly show packaging for Apple’s own “Magnetic Charging Dock” for the Apple Watch.

Photos Said to Show Official Apple Watch Charging Dock


Citing sources with knowledge of Apple’s plans, iGeneration says the dock will be called simply the “Magnetic Charging Dock,” a name also seen in alleged packaging photos…

The dock, which appears to be circular in shape, supports the Apple Watch in both portrait charging mode, and the landscape “Nightstand” mode, useful for charging at night while still being able to glance at the time.

Photos Said to Show Official Apple Watch Charging Dock

The Magnetic Charging Dock reportedly includes a Lightning cable, but the user must supply their own USB power adapter. The price on the packaging shows a list price of €89, which means the U.S. price should come in around $79.

While a number of charging docks are available for Apple’s popular wearable device from third-party suppliers, they have all required users to bring their own magnetic Apple Watch charging cable to the docking party. Until now, Apple hasn’t shown any indication that they would offer a charging dock solution of their own.

No official announcement to confirm the dock, or its release date, has been made by Apple.

UPDATE: New images from German site show the charger being used with an Apple Watch. They are shown in the gallery below.


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