Review: Luminid Touch Lightning Cable – Find Your Device’s Port in the Dark

Rating: 4/5

Posted in Accessories, iOS, Reviews on 06/12/2015 by Chris Hauk


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If you’ve ever had to plug a Lightning cable into your iOS device in less than optimal lighting conditions, Sewell has the cable for you. The Luminid Touch cable has a built-in capacitive touch light, perfect for lighting your way.

Review: Luminid Touch Lightning Cable - Find Your Device's Port in the Dark


The Luminid Touch Flash Lightning Cable has a nice little built-in LED on the Lightning connector end that lights up when you touch it. This is designed to aid users in seeing the Lightning port on their iOS device in darkened environments, such as in the middle of the night, or the early morning in your car.

Sewell was nice enough to forward a sample of the Luminid to me to try out. The MFi-certified cable is 40-inches long, made out of what seems to be durable PVC material.

The Luminid is for all appearances a standard Lightning cable, that is until you touch the jacketing around the Lightning end of the cable. With just a touch of your finger, the cable connector lights up. It’s not a beacon that will guide Sata Claus through a snowy, foggy Christmas Eve by any means, but it’s more than bright enough to make it a bit easier to plug into an iOS device in the dark.

I’ve used the Luminid for a few weeks, and while I at first dismissed it as a gimmick, the lighting has come in handy a few evenings when I needed to charge my iPhone while driving.

I could see the Luminid coming in handy at the bedside, as I certainly have been known to remember to plug in my iPhone just before I begin to nod off, and then fumble around in the dark to attempt a sleep-impaired docking maneuver.

Review: Luminid Touch Lightning Cable - Find Your Device's Port in the Dark


The Luminid Touch is one of those, “why didn’t I think of that?” products. The touch-sensitive light built-in to the Lightning connector on the cable makes it a bit easier to connect to you iOS device in less than optimal lighting conditions.

The cable seems as durable as most Lightning cables I’ve tried out, with the exception of some über-tough cables I’ve tested. So, this means you’ll likely get anywhere from 6 months to  years use out of it, depending on how rough you usually are with your cables.

The Luminid would be the perfect stocking stuffer for that iPhone or iPad user on your gift list, and is likely something they haven’t already purchased for themselves.

Rating: 4.0/5/0[rating:4.0]

Price: $16.95 – Available at the Sewell Direct website. ($14.94 at – Also available in micro-USB for $9.95 at the Sewell Direct website. ($11.95 at


Disclaimer: I received the Luminid Touch cable at no cost for review. I have not received compensation for the review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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