Review: The cb Hardcase – A Thin Luxury Case That Offers Good Protection

Review: The cb Hardcase – A Thin Luxury Case That Offers Good Protection

Trying to decide on a case for your iPhone is always a pain. Do you want a case that simply protects your device, or do you want one that looks really great, and only does a “MEH” job of protecting?

Review: The cb Hardcase - A Thin Luxury Case That Offers Protection
We reviewed the Pink Lady (left), and the Caramel Lion cb Hardcases.

The cb Hardcase is a luxurious leather case with a custom look that looks good, while giving a decent amount of protection to your device. The case offers a minimal look, while protecting your iPhone’s sides and back with leather, microfiber, and a thin metal plate that keeps your iPhone safe from dings and scrapes.


The cb Hardcase is a beautiful handmade snap-on case created from Italian premium leather, 935 sterling silver, fireproof aluminum plates, and environmentally conscious materials. The case is hand-stitched, and includes a small pocket on the back for business cards, credit cards, ID, or a small amount of cash.

The back of the case also offers an unusual feature, a “cb Button,” which is created from pure 935 sterling silver. Each cb Button is hand polished, and sown onto the case, to offer a distinctive look you won’t find in many other cases.

While the cb Hardcase looks good, it is also designed to provide a decent amount of protection for your iPhone. The Hardcase offers soft Italian leather on the outside, with a soft microfiber fleece lining on the inside to protect your iPhone from scratches.

To protect the device from dings, an ultra-thin 0.38mm aluminum plate, which weighs in at a mere nine grams is sandwiched between the leather and microfiber layers. This offers a nice layer of protection for your iPhone, while keeping the case fashionably thin, not adding any noticeable bulk to the device.

Review: The cb Hardcase - A Thin Luxury Case That Offers Protection
The cb Hardcase after 1 months use. it still looks good!

We received two cb Hardcases for review. One happened to be pink, which is my wife’s favorite color, so it went to her. Not only did I have her try it out for the color choice, which she loved, as it isn’t a garish pink, but also because she owns her own house cleaning business, and puts her iPhone 6s Plus through the wringer every day. (Not literally. Running an iPhone through the wringer is in no way covered by AppleCare+.)

My wife loved the cb Hardcase, and it has become her daily case. She’s used it for almost a month, and it looks just as good as it did the day she put it on her iPhone. She loves the thinness of the case, yet she still feels it protects the case.

I too love my Hardcase. While I don’t put mine through much punishment each day, (I am a writer after all, and we’re not known as the most active souls.), I do tend to drop my device almost daily, and the cb Hardcase has done an excellent job protecting my iPhone. (In the interest of disclosure, I will tell you that we also both have a UAG tempered glass screen protector on our iPhones.)

While I’ve loved trying out the cb Hardcase, it does have some drawbacks, at least for me. I worry that the “cb Button” sown on the back of the case might scratch our wood furniture, so I try to remember to lay the device face down when placing it on said furniture. Also, the button tends to catch on my pocket, which could cause it to slip from my hand, offering another test of protection each time it hits the floor. Also, the back pocket doesn’t offer me much utility, however I can see where it might be handy for a night out, when all you need to carry is an ID, a credit card, and a little cash.

I enjoyed that the cb Hardcase was thin enough that it didn’t interfere with access to any of the buttons, the camera, or the Lightning port on my iPhone, allowing me to use any charger or dock with the device while the case was still on.

Review: The cb Hardcase - A Thin Luxury Case That Offers Protection
The cb Hardcase comes in a nice gift box, and includes a signed “inspected by” card.

The Hardcase comes delivered in a luxurious and highly eco-minded gift box. Materials of the box include herbal wood fibers and black linen paper from natural cotton, it contains no toxins and is fully recyclable.


The cb Hardcase does an excellent job of providing decent protection for the iPhone, while not adding a noticeable amount of bulk to the device. This is particularly a feature many iPhone 6/6s Plus owners will appreciate due to the already large size of their device.

The Hardcase looks beautiful, and wears well. It stands up to the daily grind of an active individual, such as my wife, while also offering a beautiful and luxurious look that will gather compliments and remarks in a business or dinner setting.

While the $99 price of the Hardcase will be a turnoff for many, style conscious iPhone owners who don’t mind spending a few extra bucks and who are looking for a beautiful way to protect their iPhone, while adding a bit of luxury to its look, will do well to take a close look at the cb Hardcase.

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Price: $99 – Available at the cb Innovations website. The case is available for both the iPhone 6/6s and the iPhone 6/6s Plus. Colors available are: Black Night, Cherry Love, Caramel Lion, Happy Orange, Deep Ocean, and Pink Lady. be advised, the case are proving popular, and some colors might not currently be available.


  • Simply beautiful
  • Made out of the finest materials
  • Protects your iPhone well, without adding bulk
  • Leaves all ports, buttons, and the back camera accessible


  • The “cb Button” could scratch wood furniture
  • the Button could also catch on the cloth of your pants pocket


Disclosure: I received the cb Hardcase at no cost for review. I have not been compensated for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Some photos are courtesy of cb Innovations.