Apple’s New ‘Bulbs’ Ad Promotes the new MacBook Pro w/ Touch Bar as a ‘Tool for all the Ideas to Come’

Posted in Apple, Apple News, Mac on 18/11/2016 by Chris Hauk


Apple on Thursday premiered a new ad for the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, promoting the new notebook as the “tool for all the ideas to come.”

Apple's New 'Bulbs' Ad Promotes the new MacBook Pro w/ Touch Bar as a 'Tool for all the Ideas to Come'

The new ad, dubbed “Bulbs,” includes footage of a trail of exploding lightbulbs, (set to the tune of the William Tell Overture), intercut with scenes representing important inventions from the history of man. The inventions include the wheel, fire, the plow, flight, the telephone, and more. (Most importantly, toilet paper is in there too… – Ed.) Of course, there are some Apple products included along the way.

The MacBook Pro itself doesn’t appear until 9 seconds from the end of the rather lengthy 1:30 long ad. Preceded by the tagline: “Ideas push the world forward. Introducing a tool for all the ideas to come,” a user is shown making use of the new Touch Bar to scrub back and forth through a video of an exploding bulb.

The new notebook represents the first major redesign to the MacBook Pro in four years, and includes features such as a Touch Bar, Skylake processors, a thinner body, larger trackpad, new keyboard, and more. The first shipments of the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar began making their way to customers earlier this week, and the new laptop is also becoming available in Apple retail stores.


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