AMPware Case for iPhone 6/6s is a Protective Case with a Built-In Emergency Generator

Posted in Accessories, Apple News, iPhone on 14/12/2016 by Chris Hauk


If you have someone on your Christmas gift list that is always dropping their iPhone, or someone who never seems to remember to charge their device, (or maybe both), take a look at the AMPware Protective Case With Emergency Generator.


The AMPware case is a patent-pending charge case that has a crank located on the back of the case that folds out and can be turned to generate enough power for one hour of normal use from five minutes of cranking.

The crank also doubles as a kickstand while you’re watching videos, which runs down the battery, which starts the same vicious cycle over once more.

AMPware cases create significantly more power than solar cases and can be conveniently used whenever and wherever there isn’t an accessible outlet or charger available. It features a 1000 mAh max output, a replaceable mini 8 pin connector, and a rubberized knob that telescopes outward for a better grip. The aren’t any cords involved, which leads to less hassle, as you’re not forgetting a cord.


In addition to a quick cranking charge, the case also offers a good deal of protection, with a tough polycarbonate shell and durable polyurethane rubberized bumper for drop protection.

The AMPWare case will run you $89.00 at the AMPWare website, and a few dollars less at Amazon.


Chris Hauk

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