Nomad Offers Pebble Smartwatch Users Free Charging Cables

Nomad Offers Pebble Smartwatch Users Free Charging Cables

Pebble smartwatch users who are feeling a bit left behind by the announcement Fitbit is purchasing and shutting down their favorite wearable device company, can at least soothe their frazzled feelings by taking advantage of a free offer from accessory maker Nomad.

Nomad Offers Pebble Smartwatch Users Free Charging Cables

Nomad was set to release a new charger for the watch, but those plans have been dashed on the rocks in the wake of the Fitbit announcement. So, the company decided to make the best of a bad situation, and just give the chargers away free to Pebble users. That’s a $15 value, that Pebble owners can now get for the price of shipping, which is around $4.

“We had originally planned to retail this product for $14.95, but decided that we’d rather offer it up as a gift to the Pebble community as a thank you for your contributions to the crowdfunding ecosystem,” Noah Dentzel, Nomad’s CEO said.

Nomad’s own story was due to Pebble’s success as a Kickstarter-founded company. While not duplicating the smartwatch company’s dazzling initial success on the fundraising website, they were inspired enough to launch their own successful campaign, helping them make it to where they are today.

“The Pebble story was a big inspiration to companies like ours,” said Dentzel. “Understandably, we were truly saddened to hear that Pebble recently had to cease operations in the wake of some of the challenges that we all face as growing hardware companies. It was also in 2012 that Nomad got started with our own Kickstarter project, ChargeCard. While our $160,000 is small potatoes compared to Pebble’s epic whopper of a campaign, we nonetheless got the funds we needed to get our production up and running.”

OG Pebble users can grab a convenient key-sized cable for their wearable, and Pebble Time and Pebble 2 owners can grab one of two adapters for their devices. The adapters work with MicroUSB or USB Type-C cables.

Grab your free charger or adapters at the Nomad website.

(Via Digital Trends)